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Plan a Nice Little Surprise



Plan a Nice Little Surprise, by Gretchen Rubin

“Studies show that we react more strongly to an unexpected pleasure than to an expected one. The brain gets a bigger thrill when some little treat comes as a surprise, whether it’s a dollar found in the street, a free cookie sample, a gift for no reason, or an unexpected compliment from a boss. And not only do we feel happier, but these little boosts of happiness also make us temporarily smarter, friendlier, and more productive.

Try to plan nice little surprises for the people who are important to you—something as small as bringing home a favorite dessert, doing a chore without being asked (how long has that light-bulb been burned out?), suggest a fun outing, or send a quick, loving email.

Resolve to “Plan a nice little surprise.” By acting in a thoughtful, loving way, you boost your feelings of tenderness towards the people in your life, and they feel more beloved by you. And that contributes more to happiness of home than practically anything else you can do.”

This is day 9 of the 21 day relationship challenge. You can follow all 21 days for free by following one of these Happiness Project links. They’ll be emailed to you directly, 1 a day. I have read The Happiness Project, and am now reading Happier at Home. I like Gretchen Rubin‘s voice. I think these books are decked out with lots of happiness gems. (Click this link to access a sample chapter.)

 Check out
Happier at Home
Chapter Eight


Want to share your thoughts or experiences about this resolution? We can all learn from each other. Join the conversation on The Happiness Project blog.

Small gestures make a big difference.

 So, add comments~! What gestures are you making?


Good News…. Bad News….


The bad news is:  I have a sore throat & fever.

The good news is: I am self-employed, so I can take the day off.

The bad news is: When I don’t work, I don’t get paid. No paid sick days for this girl.

The good news is: I am reading a really good book… and that makes me happy.

Oh?  What am I reading?

The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  I’m very likely to post quotes from this book.  I find myself laughing and thinking as I read it. It has plenty of secrets for how to get more enjoyment out of our everyday lives by making small simple adjustments. Very Cool~!

Here is a website for more information: //www.happiness-project.com/