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Hundreds of Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays


Well, the time has come to get the gifts wrapped. I have recently moved, so I am not as inspired to wrap gifts as I could be. But, maybe this will help us all~! This link is for one of our MOST POPULAR blog posts from the last year. It literally has: Hundreds of Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays. And so many gorgeous pictures to get us excited to wrap them up real nicely.

Merry Christmas~!

Click this link for SO MANY MORE:

Hundreds of Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays.

Make Life Beautiful with Perpetual Kindness


“Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.”
Leo Tolstoy

“Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness."
- Leo Tolstoy

Click here to see more of these beautiful inspirational quotes that I like to create.

Hundreds of Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays


I go through phases of being motivated to wrap gifts, and dreading it. I’m not sure which mode I am in this year. I get pretty worn down by the 3rd week in December. Busy season at work leaves me creatively challenged at the end of the day.  Today I spent some time creating a very fun collection of Gift Wrapping Ideas. If you follow this link, you will see over 300 photos of gift wrapping images. Some Simple, some complex.  I will add some photos below, and another link at the bottom of the page to see my larger collection of Gift Wrapping Ideas.

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It is important to note that a very small bit of creativity can go a very long way. I am a sucker for recycling. So, I have lots of simple recycled/DIY photos to peruse. That’s the kind of wrapping I’m headed toward…. with maybe some buttons, yarn and collage. But, some of you are SO wonderfully motivated and talented~! I have included more complicated wrap jobs to inspire you, too.

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STRING and Folded Paper Flags. So simple, but what a charming look~! Looks like the 1st gift is also wrapped in fabric… a nice textural touch.wrapping garland

Tie it up in fabric. Fast. Easy. Cute.


Or Silk Scarves~! So Rich~!

But you can find these in thrift stores, or take a scissors to a shirt you don’t wear anymore.


Moth Eaten Sweater~!

This makes a “warm” looking gift~!old sweater turned cozy wrapper

Bottle Sweater Sleeves...made from old sweaters.

Color Your Own Gift with the Crayons included on top~! NICE JOB~!Be creative when wrapping children's presents and make the outside as interesting as the inside! | Lines Across

Print these tags out of your computer~!

Follow the links to my collection page to get the sources~!Sweet Paul's DIY Safari Animal Gift Tags - Free printables!

I’m not sure if this is awesome or cruel~!

Ha-Ha-Ha~! Probably super fun. I guess it depends on who you give it to~! The gift is rolled up inside a pretty ball of yarn.

Hmm...what to wrap up..

This is cute. Green triangles on toothpicks… I’ll use this idea eventually. I really like it.

Christmas tree forest wrapping.

String and buttons go a LONG way in making these boxes very charming.

pretty packagesInspiration | BLANK supplies & inspiration.

This one is so elegant~! Pretty paper, string, garland, multiple tags, and a big fat PomPom~! I’d have a hard time opening this gift. Can what is inside of it be as good as the packaging?xmas wrapping idea

Now this is probably my favorite~! So Pretty~! Not THAT complicated to make, just takes some effort. The flowers and wrapping paper look like they are all made from recycled newspaper that has been painted, maybe with watercolor, and dusted with sparkles. For something made from the garbage pile, this is a true treasure. I don’t think I’d ever be able to open this gift. I’d want to set it on a shelf to love as a sculpture~! Nice work Artist~!


More Newspaper. A lotta folks making good use of Newspaper~! String, too~! I’m also liking the huge letters on the gift tags.wrap me up.Simple.Packaging #giftwrap #packagingwraprecycle giftwrap

Make a Gift Box From a Milk Carton~!

I’m amazed that something that starts out so ugly can look so cool in the end.

Make a Gift Box From a Milk Carton

Make a Gift Box From a Milk Carton

Simple and elegant…. Stencil, elastic string, cut out star, brown paper and cardboard.


Lace, Labels, String…. and the Butterfly topper, which (look closer) is not that hard to make. You might even be able to print a butterfly photo onto a pice of card stock, and add the wire and pipe cleaner with glue. 10 minutes…. but look at the result. Make a few of them, and you’ll have them for next time.

Pretty paper lace wrapping, butterfly & blue string, Love it!

I know that I am not alone in liking MAPS~! They seem to invite people to want to wander and travel. They are also colorful. Old maps have little use. Streets and borders change over time. Use the old maps to make things…. like wrapping paper and flowers~! This flower was made by cutting a spiral coil, and then winding it tighter. Follow my link to see a tutorial. VERY EASY~! Great LOOK~!

it's a checkbook cover! 20 Modern Handmade Holiday Decorating Ideas : Decorating : HGTVThe “Parcel” Look is looking good~!

love old school packaging.Great favor boxes.

Add a doily, string, stickers and stamps…

doily and brown paper

Mixed Paper Collage~!

washi tape packaging

Finger painting on white paper, and magic marker swirls to make the electric cord. Fun family art project turns into pretty wrapping paper.

Kids fingertips in paint to make Christmas lights design gift wrap


Christmas gift wrapping by Nina Therese Oppedal, Norway. Gift paper.

Gift Wrap with a Chalkboard Look using a chalk marker and black kraft paper.

Lace over Brown Paper~!

lace over craft paper

Shirt Sleeve Wine Bottle Bag…

Shirt sleeve wine bottle bag #DIY

Squiggle Cuts of colorful paper, and then a strip of ribbon, add a pretty label.wrap

Cut out shrinking sized circles…. sew or staple together, maybe glue a button in the middle.

love the paper bow

This Sail boat topper is not hard to make, and I think it is wonderful~! I want to sail it to the end of the world and look over the edge.


This might take more motivation. But if you are skilled with yarn or ribbon, these flowers really dress up a package. They can be used more than once, too.

cute present wrapping and flowers!

Paint or print on brown paper. This may be a block print done in 2 different colors. Polka dot theme is carried through to the bow.handmade gift paperLOVE this LOOK~! Rainbow colored ribbon woven over newspaper.



These are SO easy to make it is almost embarrassing. AND LOOK how charming they are on the gift. Love the pink and brown color combo, too. Pin wheels as bows.

Pine needles, Pine cones, Twine…

Brown paper packages……

How hard is it to make this fish? 

Poke 2 holes in it. Tie onto package with string. Cute~!DIY Wrapping Ideas

POM POMS and a braid…

I’ll bet this is the bag that this gift came in from the store, too. Why throw it out? Works fine~!

pom poms

Rubberbands in different colors.

rubber bands as gift bow

There is a tutorial to make these orchids. Follow the link to my gift wrapping collection.

Learn how to make a paper orchid with our DIY tutorial and free printable template. Perfect to decorate your gift or put in your hair.

More stuff to cut out of paper, not too complicated.


EASY…. Cute… Owl…


A bit like belt buckes. Oval or rectangle with 2 slits in it. Slide the ribbon through the slits starting from the back and up over the top, back through. So easy, but look how far the effort has taken the package.


Weave String or yarn…weavings

Yarn Gift Wrap - SIMPLE!Leftover yarn can help birds build nests…


Pages from a book, string and collage.sweet gift packet

Book masking tape

Sheet Music…

jingle bell


Print out a photo.

City Farmhouse- Photo ornaments & wrapping

Splatter Painting of Newspaper. Looks Great~!


Drips and smears of paint on white paper. VERY PRETTY~!

such great wrapping paper...

Painting triangles, they look a bit like Christmas trees.


Simple string and pom pom to top it off. I really like this package.

 Oh Joy Gift Wrapping Ideas for Good Housekeeping | Make a large and in charge pom pom!Wrap it up!

These Calla Lilies are really just a cone with a strip of gold paper in the middle…


Snowflakes, with a tutorial.

paper snowflakes topper tutorial

Tape or tie a Stick on it….

Holiday Gift Tag Assortment - Pack of 24autumn gift wrapping : gorgeous and natural;; it's all about presentation*

Pretty Pom Pom Stick, raw fabric, shopping bag, string.

Get rid of your fabric scraps and tie with inexpensive string

Make your own box out of Felt.


A terra cotta pot tied with a ribbon. Thank Martha Stewart for this genius idea.


Recycled Calendar Gift Wrap….
calendar wrap

More Buttons…

Button love.Buttonswrapped


obsessed with glitter/spray paint + plastic animals

Feathers… real, or make your own

DIY Peacock feather gift wrap I created for Emily Henderson's holiday mag.twine & stripes & feathersPaperFeathers


Stars on Wire or stiff string.


Recycled Tissue Paper Collage. Easy, and pretty much FREE if you save different colors of tissue paper when you get gifts.


Draw String Bags:

adorable packaging by pocket baby

Keep it simple…. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things:


Holiday Tags: Blender Pen Tutorial

Nice gift wrap accented holiday gift wrap diy idea.

Click here to see my larger collection of Gift Wrapping Ideas~!

When you follow this link, click twice on any of the images to be taken to their original source. You will probably find that the links take you to the blogs of some very creative people with lots of fun ideas on how to DO life with gusto~!

Happy Wrapping!

Hope this has helped. Let me know. Drop me a comment~!


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Felt Heart Gift/Favor Tags with Ribbon Ties in Summer Colours

Stunning Photos of Snowflakes and a Snow Flake Guide


Last winter I went outside with my dogs at 11PM for the last pee-outing of the day. It was snowing, and cold, and I dreaded that I had to go out. BUT THEN…. as I was outside I noticed that the snow looked particularly sparkly. I bent down to take a closer look, and was astounded at billions upon billions of individual snowflake crystals  settling in layers upon the ground.  They were many different shapes….  many perfect and unique flakes were easy to see. (Lots of pictures below~!)

Where we live in Pennsylvania, we often get a winter that some folks sarcastically call “wimper”. We don’t always get to appreciate these stunningly perfect flakes. But, I found that each snow storm that came last winter, if I would put out my arm, I would see wonderful little flakes settle upon my sleeve. And…. on the ground even more so. It was so marvelous, I literally cried at God’s extravagance. More than we can possibly take in. Piles upon piles of these lovely crystals getting buried under more generally ignored beauty.

Well, it is snowing again, right now. I just went out and enjoyed more snowflakes. Please join me this winter, if you live in or visit a snowy region, in rejoicing in the glory and wonder of snowflakes.

Here is a guide I have copied from Cal tech, featuring macro lens photos by Kenneth Libbrecht and Alexey Kljatov,  so you can appreciate them a bit more:

Snow Flake Guide (from Cal Tech):

Stellar Plates
These common snowflakes are thin, plate-like crystals with six broad arms that form a star-like shape.  Their faces are often decorated with amazingly elaborate and symmetrical markings.stellar plate snowflake
9852597126_97a078c7f2_cstellar plate snowflake
Sectored Plates
Stellar plates often show distinctive ridges that point to the corners between adjacent prism facets.  When these ridges are especially prominent, the crystals are called sectored plates.Sectored Plates snowflake
Photograph by Alexey Kljatov (ChaoticMind75)
Stellar Dendrites
Dendritic means “tree-like”, so stellar dendrites are plate-like snow crystals that have branches and sidebranches.  These are fairly large crystals, typically 2-4 mm in diameter, that are easily seen with the naked eye.
Photograph by Alexey Kljatov (ChaoticMind75)Stellar Dendrites snowflakes
Fernlike Stellar Dendrites
Sometimes the branches of stellar crystals have so many sidebranches they look a bit like ferns, so we call them fernlike stellar dendrites.  These are the largest snow crystals, often falling to earth with diameters of 5 mm or more.  In spite of their large size, these are single crystals of ice — the water molecules are lined up from one end to the other.
Fernlike Stellar Dendrites Snowflakes
Hollow Columns
Hexagonal columns often form with conical hollow regions in their ends, and such forms are called hollow columns.  These crystals are small, so you need a good magnifier to see the hollow regions.Hollow Columns Snowflake
Hollow Columns Snowflakes
Capped Columns
These crystals first grow into stubby columns, and then they blow into a region of the clouds where the growth becomes plate-like.  The result is two thin, plate-like crystals growing on the ends of an ice column.  Capped columns don’t appear in every snowfall, but you can find them if you look for them.Capped Columns Snowflakes
Capped Columns Snowflakes
Double Plates
A double plate is basically a capped column with an especially short central column.  The plates are so close together that inevitably one grows out faster and shields the other from its source of water vapor.  The result is one large plate connected to a much smaller one.  These crystals are common — many snowflakes that look like ordinary stellar plates are actually double plates if you look closely.Double Plates Snowflakes
Double Plates SnowflakesDouble Plates Snowflakes
Simple Prisms
A hexagonal prism is the most basic snow crystal geometry (see the Snowflake Primer).  Depending on how fast the different facets grow, snow crystal prisms can appear as thin hexagonal plates, slender hexagonal columns (shaped a lot like wooden pencils), or anything in between.  Simple prisms are usually so small they can barely be seen with the naked eye.
Photograph by Alexey Kljatov (ChaoticMind75)Simple Prism SnowflakeSimple Prism Snowflake
Triangular Crystals
Plates sometimes grow as truncated triangles when the temperature is near -2 C (28 F).  If the corners of the plates sprout arms, the result is an odd version of a stellar plate crystal.  These crystals are relatively rare.
Triangular Crystal Snowflakes
Triangular Crystal Snowflakes
Bullet Rosettes
The nucleation of an ice grain sometimes yields multiple crystals all growing together at random orientations.  When the different pieces grow into columns, the result is called a bullet rosette.  These polycrystals often break up to leave isolated bullet-shaped crystals.
Bullet Rosette Snowflakes
12-Sided Snowflakes
Sometimes capped columns form with a twist, a 30-degree twist to be specific.  The two end-plates are both six-branched crystals, but one is rotated 30 degrees relative to the other.  This is a form of crystaltwinning, in which two crystals grow joined in a specific orientation.
2-Sided Snowflakes
2-Sided Snowflakes2-Sided Snowflakes

SNOWFLAKE CHART:snow chart - types of snow

The photographer of many of these snowflakes, Kenneth Libbrecht, has written a field guide to snowflakes, and has printed other books, too.  Here is a link to the books~!
Here is a link to the snowflake guide page, too. You’d want to visit this site and consider buying the guide books, since there are sooo many more flakes I did not include. You can also see how blobby and ugly artificial snow looks. God does a much better job of making snow~!
The other photographer, Alexey Kljatov (aka ChaoticMind75) is an artist and photographer from Moscow, Russia. In an ongoing series entitled Snowflakes and snow crystals, Alexey takes macro shots of natural snowflakes from right outside of his house. I have used the TwistedSifter Blog post as a resource for the photos by Alexey. Link to Twisted Sifter here.
PLEASE TELL ME SOME SNOWFLAKE STORIES in the comments section~!~!

Art Journals and Creative Inspiration (or Admiration)


Art Journals & Some Creative Inspiration (or Admiration….)

By random chance I have found myself looking at people’s journals this weekend. It turns out that there are some very creative people who have turned keeping a journal into an art form. I was dazzled by people using colorful paints or pencils, using collage of photos, ticket stubs, magazine cut-outs, & the like.

I thought I would share these images because they each have something to offer. Many of these are eye-candy, but I have also thrown in some nuggets that might inspire YOU and ME to either keep a journal. It can be a simple calendar with colored writing, a sketch book, or creative writing/ idea journal. Or maybe we’ll just enjoy these and say “WOW”.

I have never kept a journal like these, though I once made a nice photo album scrapbook from my honeymoon photos & collected papers from the European vacation. When I was in the Peace Corps, I did keep a calendar journal. It was not aesthetically pleasing, but kept track of my adventure. Mostly these make be say “wow”. Since I get to work creatively for a living, I’m usually tapped out by the end of the day. I love that there are people out there who are this passionate.

If you would like to see a stunning (larger) collection of journal photos and ideas, you can follow this live link to my “pin page”. If you follow the link, each of the images, when clicked twice, will take you back to their original source. (I had better mention that I have NOT read most of these texts all the way through. I hope there is nothing R rated in any of these photos~!)

St Francis Quote in Art Journal – I like when people put text on their pages. There are so many inspirational quotes to choose from~! Loving the sideways drips and use of simple shapes here.St Francis Quote in Art Journal

Artistic Scripture Journaling: Koi Watercolors – I love how this notebook uses boxes with text and simple images. To me, this has an “I could do that, I should do that~!” feel to it.

Artistic Scripture Journaling: Koi Watercolors

A Bad Attack of Wounded Vanity – This one it very pretty to me. Love the use of color. But, this isn’t just art. This is actually the person’s journal. She’s telling a story about something that happened to her. The collage pieces make it more interesting.A Bad Attack of Wounded Vanity

Mendocino – Neat Mixture of Collage & Text – I didn’t finish reading this one. I do like it as art. I should let this inspire me to do something creative.

Mendocino - Neat Mixture of Collage & Text

Inge Kolstee: Art Journal – Great colors,  simple shapes go a long way.Inge Kolstee: Art Journal

Four Letter Words Journal Page – Words cut out of magazines. A collage.

Four Letter Words Journal Page

Creative Colored Writing – I’m guessing that the border was already printed on the page, and the person wrote their thoughts in varied colors, and different angles. This is within reach for all of us, even if we feel creatively challenged.Creative Colored Writing

A Sketchbook with writing, sketches, and some watercolor. Charming and not overstated.

Sketchbook with some journaling

Doodles and photos in a sketchbook – this is also within reach for most of us, a little creativity goes a long way here.

doodles and photos in a sketchbook

A Picture Illustration of James Chapter 1A Picture Illustration of James Chapter 1

Creativity in small sections – Another one that could inspire us all. You don’t have to worry about messing it up. Cute sketch? Glue it in, Bad sketch? Recycle the paper~!Creativity in small sections.

Katie’s smash book pages 7 and 8. Inspirational Quotes. – I might have just learned what a “smash book” is. Katie's smash book pages 7 and 8. Inspirational Quotes.

Beautiful journal page (by Pam Garrison) – Love the colors~! Love the numbers~! Love the use of different fonts. Nice piece of artwork.pam garrison ~ beautiful journal page ~ love the numbers

“To thine own self be true”. A page from an art journal. – I like the use of color, and the shape of the writing layout on this one. (PS – “To thine own self be true” is not from the Bible.)"To thine own self be true". A page from an art journal.

Blog Fodder, Quoting the artist: “Everything i put in my bible verses and recipes” – You have to follow this link for more inspiration. There is more to be found. Notice how the back ground color is not pure orange~! Love it~! The collage is a pleasing bonus.

Everything i put in my bible verses and recipes

10 ways to improve your sketchbook – Just for more inspiration….

10 ways to improve your sketchbook

A site with various journal articles (art, watercolor, 365 words, etc.)….. one-word-art-journal-prompt – Follow the link to get the words~! Remember to CLICK TWICE.


Journalling Prompts – more ideas. I also like the way they are presented.

art journal prompts

Art Journal Progression – Love this as a work of art~! I can’t belive people keep journals like this. Look, this one is from Friday, Nov. 11.  Jeepers~! This one makes me jealous~!Art Journal Progression

This is just so pleasing to look at…lovely writing, graceful lines. Beautiful! –  <<- This is the comment that came with the photo. I agree~! Plus, note the simple use of color, and what it brings to the black and white page. Oh, I also admire that the writing is “sideways”.This is just so pleasing to look at...lovely writing, graceful lines. Beautiful!

Holiday Journal Page – This is charming in every way. Jealous again~!Christmas journal Page

Bliss Journal Page by Roben-Marie Smith – While there seems to be a lot going on here, I’d like you to notice how simple the shapes are. I think a person who thinks they have limited talent could learn a lot from copying this page. The color is lovely, and could be duplicated to some degree. Don’t expect to nail it exactly, but use it for inspiration if you are running low on your own.

Bliss Journal Page by Roben-Marie Smith

JEALOUS AGAIN…….  This is an impressive journal page:

Neat web site with interesting ideas for journals – (Follow the link, I didn’t). This is a lot of collage with writing on it. Makes it look very rich and complex. It makes me want to page through the whole book.Neat web site with interesting ideas for journals

Moleskine, #041 – This is where my inspiration began, a moleskine sketch. I have never written on, or even felt moleskine, but google it…. look for images. There is a whole movement out there dedicated to these notebooks.Moleskine, #041

Be Who You Are: Karenika inspiring collage {art} journal   – The text says it all, right~! But, look at the edges of the pages. I like how this person colors outside of the lines~! I’d like to see more of these pages, too~!

Be Who You Are: Karenika inspiring collage {art} journal

The Journey Begins --- again by Pinay New Yorker on Flickr
To tell me about how this blog post has inspired YOU to an action, please leave me a comment below~!

Maybe you CAN buy happiness… or get it for FREE~!


You can't buy happiness. you can buy icecream

1- You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy icecream. And that’s kind of the same thing.

I liked this poster immediately when I saw it. I’ll confess I’ve only had ONE ice cream sundae in the last decade. I didn’t finish it. It was actually too sweet for me, but I sure had fun putting a serious dent in it. People say that you can’t buy happiness. I’m not sure if that is true. You can add your opinions in the comments section~! I have spent money on things in the past that I thought would make me happy, and I’ve been wrong. I’ve also bought things that have brought me joy.  By the way, this poster is for sale on (an online craft show), at the Gayana Shop. These are all posters from the Gayana shop, and the artist has over 200 other posters to check out if you’ve enjoyed these. Oh, I also noticed that these ship from Latvia. That’s cool~!

2 -He who plants a garden plants happiness.

He who plants a garden plants happiness


3-  Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book.

Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book


4- Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. -Anne Frank

4- Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. -Anne Frank

5 – Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life. -Aurelius

Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life. -Aurelius

An Inspirational Influence of Andy Warhol in Autumn Photography


While Andy Warhol, successful commercial illustrator turned pop art icon, is not among my top favorite artists, he sure has made his imprint on our culture. I was thinking of this Marilyn Monroe portrait when the fall leaves started to turn colors and my nieces were coming up from Florida to visit Pennsylvania.


The goal was to be able to take photos of my nieces against different colors of fall foliage. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. I wasn’t able to find a good orange tree when they were here. NOW there is a perfect specimen right across the street from my house. Still the photos of them against some other colors came out great. AND… there was the added bonus of them being so good at striking the same pose multiple times. Very impressive to one like me~! (Well… 98% of the time I blink…. so I guess I can hit the same pose, too. But, not with such charm as “the sorority pose”.)

0001rHFall Leaves in Orange and Yellow

We went to South Street as part of a day in Philadelphia. I was able to take some shots of these gals in the urban environment, too. (I wish we had found a good blue back ground in the urban montage. I worked blue into the frame. to break up some too similar colors.) This was such a great time. It was last year, and now that the leaves are changing again, I am thinking of my Florida family with a warm heart. But, I thought these photos might inspire someone else to get out and find all the right colors~!

Fall Colors Warhol Nieces Photo

Envelopes as a Form of Fine Art


Envelopes as a Form of Fine Art

I found a delightful shop online today. I was delighted because I appreciate the medium of art. Stamped envelopes that are ready to mail~! Please look at the photos below. Don’t you totally want to send these to people you love? Or aren’t you inspired to start collecting stamps? I agree with him that writing letters is an art form that MUST be kept alive. (Thank you Patrick for the inspiration, and the legacies you will play a part in~!)

I will let this shop owner tell his own story, as he does it quite well. I will also let every image be a link that goes to his shop. At this moment, he has 96 different sets of envelopes for sale, and they have holiday or color themes. He also will take custom orders.


Dear Pen Pal,

Patrick my name is and I live in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota – a land of ten thousand lakes and ten million dreams.

My love for vintage postage is genetic. My grandfather Earl (a WWII Vet and small-town Iowa farmer) was an avid life-long stamp collector. His postage collection is vast, and I have followed in his footsteps by carefully curating a collection of my own.

But unlike Grandpa who kept his collection buried in thick catalogs and dusty boxes deep inside his study, I want to share my vintage stamps, dispatching them through the postal system and beyond, with your help. Grandpa explored the world through his stamps but I want to share my stamps with the world.

The internet, for all its efficiency and convenience, has made communication something you cannot touch, cling to, keep, and pass down. When is the last time you received a thoughtful hand-written letter, a tactile note or a party invitation in your physical mailbox?

Postage is a beautiful but dying art form. Our mailboxes have been relegated to the status of junk depositories and checking the mail has become a chore rather than the adventure it once was, fueled by anticipation. I want to help change all this in my own little way… and I’m thinking maybe you do too.







Christmas Ball Ornaments made with stamps

“Edelweiss Post is, with your help, keeping real mail alive and well, one stamp at a time.”

Click here to Link  to my other article on stamps and letter writing made more beautiful.  Join Patrick and me as we celebrate SNAIL MAIL~!

When Writing Letters Becomes an Art Form


When Writing Letters Becomes an Art Form

I am going to be posting TWO blog posts today. (LINK to the other post).They are both related, as they are both about postage stamps. I have always been a fan of sticking interesting postage stamps on my letters.  I say always, but I suspect this really began when I was in college. I had a roommate from the UK, and her letters would arrive all decked out in foreign splendor.

After college, I went on a tour of Europe, and enjoyed sending post cards with stamps from other nations. This was back in the day when all the countries had unique monetary systems, too. That made the stamps even more fun. Then I moved to Niger in West Africa. Now those stamps were wonderful…. talk about “foreign splendor“.

When I returned to America, I decided I didn’t want to buy the roll of 100 American Flag stamps. I would try to select the most colorful and interesting stamps. SO, all that preamble to show you these very wonderful stamps that are available right now at the US Postal Service~!

Modern Art in America 1913-1931 (Forever®) Stamps

Modern Art in America 1913-1931 (Forever®) stampsI am also copying the write-up that is offered on the USPS webisite. You can even buy these online~! The mailman will bring them right to your mailbox. BUT… and here is the funny part, If I remember correctly, they DO charge for shipping. Now, here is more about the art, in case you would want this information. It is interesting how each stamp has a story of it’s own. (And this is a link to buy the stamps).

These self-adhesive stamps are being issued in sheets of 12.

With this sheet of 12 Modern Art in America 1913-1931 (Forever®) stamps, the U.S. Postal Service commemorates a dozen modern artists and their works, 100 years after the groundbreaking Armory Show opened in New York in 1913. The dozen masterpieces reproduced in the stamp art were created between 1912 and 1931.

Stuart Davis’s vibrant depictions of contemporary commercial objects made him an important precursor of the later Pop artists. His oil-on-canvas painting, House and Street (1931), presents two views of a street in New York, forcing the viewer to be in two places at once.

Charles Demuth, a leading watercolorist of his era, created his “poster portraits” of friends such as the poet William Carlos Williams, the subject of the work I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold (1928), in oil, graphite, ink, and gold leaf on paperboard.

Aaron Douglas was the most important visual artist to emerge from the Harlem Renaissance. The gouache-on-paper painting, The Prodigal Son (1927), was created in a modernist style that has been described as “Afro-Cubism.”

Arthur Dove was one of modern art’s earliest abstract painters and was probably the first American artist to paint a totally abstract canvas. Dove was interested in attempting to duplicate sound as colors and shapes. The oil-on-canvas painting, Fog Horns (1929), suggests the peal of foghorns at sea.

Marcel Duchamp, an important forerunner of the Pop art and conceptual art movements, outraged and disturbed many viewers by irreverently flouting artistic convention. His oil-on-canvas painting, Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2(1912), was the most talked-about work at the Armory Show of 1913. (Laurie here, adding that this has been one of my favorite paintings~! I also like the golden 5 al lot, too~!)

Marsden Hartley was one of America’s greatest modernist painters. His oil-on-canvas work, Painting, Number 5 (1914-15), is an abstract composite portrait of Karl von Freyburg, a young German officer who was killed in World War I.

John Marin was the preeminent watercolorist of his era. He transformed the medium by experimenting with abstraction, such as in his watercolor-on-paper painting, Sunset, Maine Coast (1919).

Gerald Murphy produced only about a dozen works in less than ten years as a practicing artist, yet today he is recognized as a significant painter whose work prefigured the Pop art of the 1960s. The oil-on-canvas painting, Razor (1924), typifies Murphy’s work in its detailed depiction of commonplace objects.

Georgia O’Keeffe was one of the foremost painters of the 20th century. Widely known for her close-up flower paintings, O’Keeffe also famously painted urban and desert landscapes, including this oil-on-canvas painting, Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico / Out Back of Marie’s II (1930).

Man Ray was associated with some of the most important artistic movements of the 20th century—chief among them Dadaism and Surrealism—and is best known for his photography. His gelatin-silver print, Noire et Blanche (1926), is from a series of photographs juxtaposing a woman’s face with a Baule mask (or a replica) from West Africa.

Charles Sheeler explored the balance between abstraction and realism in his photographs and paintings, which often depicted aspects of the mechanized modern world. By titling this oil-on-canvas painting American Landscape (1930), Sheeler explored the relationship between rural traditions and his modern subject matter.

Joseph Stella, America’s first Futurist painter, is remembered for his multiple images of the Brooklyn Bridge and other iconic New York scenes. The oil-on-canvas painting, Brooklyn Bridge (1919-1920) has been read as a comment on the tension between technological achievement and the spiritual dimension implicit in any human endeavor.

The stamp sheet also includes a quote by Marcel Duchamp and verso text that identifies each work of art and briefly tells something about each artist. Art director Derry Noyes worked on the stamp sheet with designer Margaret Bauer.

These stamps are being issued in sheets of 12 self-adhesive Forever® stamps. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate.

Made in the USA.

Issue Date: March 7, 2013

Be Kind and Merciful

Be kind and merciful.  --Mother Theresa

“Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier.” –Mother Theresa

What a lovely quote…. and probably within the grasp of each one of us~!

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