Laurie HaydenI am:  

  • A professional artisan, and an adventurous artist who sees all of life with a creative eye.
  • An author set on making the lives of my readers more fulfilling and intentional.
  • A passionate researcher, fascinated by life and happiness psychology.
  • A healthy person ready to learn more about health and nutrition.
  • An entrepreneur with 4 online businesses.
  • A child of God who is infinitely intrigued by the Bible.
  • A life coach of sorts, pointing people toward a fulfilling life and dynamic destiny, reached simply by making incremental lifestyle tweaks…. day by day.
  • A minister of sorts, with 2 ministries meant to impact people near and far.
  • The very loved wife of a the most amazing human I know, Brook~!
  • I am Laurie Hayden, AKA: Laurie Hayden Bergey. 

Come follow this blog, and we can learn and grow together. Comment on the blog to share things you are thinking about~! Look in the top right corner to follow the Fortify My Life blog. Nice meet you~! Thanks for visiting~! Please come again…. and….

Laurie Hayden Bergey

I am a professional glass artisan who makes dichroic fused glass jewelry and fun functional objects. My husband Brook and I have 2 online businesses for the retail sale of this jewelry. We also have an online store that specializes in hand crafted bookmarks. Click here to see our Hayden Brook Website, and here for our Hayden Brook shopping cartClick here to see Dicro City USA, Click here to see our Brookmarks Shop.

I am an author. I have written one book, called “Fortify Your Soul”, printed by Destiny Image, 2015.  I have the seeds of a second book starting to sprout at this time. Click here to read updates on the book. Brook and I have two spiritual ministries as well.  Click here to see our Miracle Waters Ministries Website, and here for our “Gift List”.  Click here to connect to my Miracle Waters Ministries blog. This is where I was blogging before I started the Fortify My Life Blog.

My hobbies include riding my bike with my husband, and being an amateur chocolatier. Click here to see my chocolate blog, “The Amateur Chocolatier”.

Brook and Laurie

A more formal Biography:  Laurie and her husband Brook lead popular “Life Application” Bible Study Home Groups (including Mark, Genesis, Exodus, “Supernatural Lifestyle”, Matthew, and Ephesians). They are members of The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, with 2 ministries: “Miracle Waters Ministries” (, and a fund raising website called The Gift List ( Laurie Hayden Bergey has her Masters in Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute. She also served as an ordained deacon on the Deacon Board of New Covenant Christian Community Church. Her creative passions include being an amateur chocolatier, and a glass jewelry master craftsman & silversmith artisan. She has designed professional websites for and, as well as 2 ministry websites. Laurie holds a B. A. in Communications from University of Pennsylvania. She worked in Art Conservation at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. She also served in the United States Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa. Laurie and her husband currently live in Port Charlotte, FL, with their 3 dogs, “the boys” (Lazarus, Moses, and Boaz). 
My husband is very cool, and a radical follower of Jesus. Click here to connect to my husband Brook’s Miracle Waters Ministries blog.  Brook is a radically vibrant man, the most amazing human I know. He has a gift of faith as astounding as any I have ever seen. He fully believes that God heals today, and is always ready to put his prayer power to work. His blog is fun. He keeps a record of healing he has experienced first hand. Brook is a licensed minister with Global Awakening. Come to Brook’s blog to build up your hope and faith. Please comment on his posts~! Brook is super social~! He’ll write back. Here is a picture of Brook riding his hand cycle. If you see him, make sure to wave.
Brook riding his hand cycle

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