Art Journals and Creative Inspiration (or Admiration)


Art Journals & Some Creative Inspiration (or Admiration….)

By random chance I have found myself looking at people’s journals this weekend. It turns out that there are some very creative people who have turned keeping a journal into an art form. I was dazzled by people using colorful paints or pencils, using collage of photos, ticket stubs, magazine cut-outs, & the like.

I thought I would share these images because they each have something to offer. Many of these are eye-candy, but I have also thrown in some nuggets that might inspire YOU and ME to either keep a journal. It can be a simple calendar with colored writing, a sketch book, or creative writing/ idea journal. Or maybe we’ll just enjoy these and say “WOW”.

I have never kept a journal like these, though I once made a nice photo album scrapbook from my honeymoon photos & collected papers from the European vacation. When I was in the Peace Corps, I did keep a calendar journal. It was not aesthetically pleasing, but kept track of my adventure. Mostly these make be say “wow”. Since I get to work creatively for a living, I’m usually tapped out by the end of the day. I love that there are people out there who are this passionate.

If you would like to see a stunning (larger) collection of journal photos and ideas, you can follow this live link to my “pin page”. If you follow the link, each of the images, when clicked twice, will take you back to their original source. (I had better mention that I have NOT read most of these texts all the way through. I hope there is nothing R rated in any of these photos~!)

St Francis Quote in Art Journal – I like when people put text on their pages. There are so many inspirational quotes to choose from~! Loving the sideways drips and use of simple shapes here.St Francis Quote in Art Journal

Artistic Scripture Journaling: Koi Watercolors – I love how this notebook uses boxes with text and simple images. To me, this has an “I could do that, I should do that~!” feel to it.

Artistic Scripture Journaling: Koi Watercolors

A Bad Attack of Wounded Vanity – This one it very pretty to me. Love the use of color. But, this isn’t just art. This is actually the person’s journal. She’s telling a story about something that happened to her. The collage pieces make it more interesting.A Bad Attack of Wounded Vanity

Mendocino – Neat Mixture of Collage & Text – I didn’t finish reading this one. I do like it as art. I should let this inspire me to do something creative.

Mendocino - Neat Mixture of Collage & Text

Inge Kolstee: Art Journal – Great colors,  simple shapes go a long way.Inge Kolstee: Art Journal

Four Letter Words Journal Page – Words cut out of magazines. A collage.

Four Letter Words Journal Page

Creative Colored Writing – I’m guessing that the border was already printed on the page, and the person wrote their thoughts in varied colors, and different angles. This is within reach for all of us, even if we feel creatively challenged.Creative Colored Writing

A Sketchbook with writing, sketches, and some watercolor. Charming and not overstated.

Sketchbook with some journaling

Doodles and photos in a sketchbook – this is also within reach for most of us, a little creativity goes a long way here.

doodles and photos in a sketchbook

A Picture Illustration of James Chapter 1A Picture Illustration of James Chapter 1

Creativity in small sections – Another one that could inspire us all. You don’t have to worry about messing it up. Cute sketch? Glue it in, Bad sketch? Recycle the paper~!Creativity in small sections.

Katie’s smash book pages 7 and 8. Inspirational Quotes. – I might have just learned what a “smash book” is. Katie's smash book pages 7 and 8. Inspirational Quotes.

Beautiful journal page (by Pam Garrison) – Love the colors~! Love the numbers~! Love the use of different fonts. Nice piece of artwork.pam garrison ~ beautiful journal page ~ love the numbers

“To thine own self be true”. A page from an art journal. – I like the use of color, and the shape of the writing layout on this one. (PS – “To thine own self be true” is not from the Bible.)"To thine own self be true". A page from an art journal.

Blog Fodder, Quoting the artist: “Everything i put in my bible verses and recipes” – You have to follow this link for more inspiration. There is more to be found. Notice how the back ground color is not pure orange~! Love it~! The collage is a pleasing bonus.

Everything i put in my bible verses and recipes

10 ways to improve your sketchbook – Just for more inspiration….

10 ways to improve your sketchbook

A site with various journal articles (art, watercolor, 365 words, etc.)….. one-word-art-journal-prompt – Follow the link to get the words~! Remember to CLICK TWICE.


Journalling Prompts – more ideas. I also like the way they are presented.

art journal prompts

Art Journal Progression – Love this as a work of art~! I can’t belive people keep journals like this. Look, this one is from Friday, Nov. 11.  Jeepers~! This one makes me jealous~!Art Journal Progression

This is just so pleasing to look at…lovely writing, graceful lines. Beautiful! –  <<- This is the comment that came with the photo. I agree~! Plus, note the simple use of color, and what it brings to the black and white page. Oh, I also admire that the writing is “sideways”.This is just so pleasing to look at...lovely writing, graceful lines. Beautiful!

Holiday Journal Page – This is charming in every way. Jealous again~!Christmas journal Page

Bliss Journal Page by Roben-Marie Smith – While there seems to be a lot going on here, I’d like you to notice how simple the shapes are. I think a person who thinks they have limited talent could learn a lot from copying this page. The color is lovely, and could be duplicated to some degree. Don’t expect to nail it exactly, but use it for inspiration if you are running low on your own.

Bliss Journal Page by Roben-Marie Smith

JEALOUS AGAIN…….  This is an impressive journal page:

Neat web site with interesting ideas for journals – (Follow the link, I didn’t). This is a lot of collage with writing on it. Makes it look very rich and complex. It makes me want to page through the whole book.Neat web site with interesting ideas for journals

Moleskine, #041 – This is where my inspiration began, a moleskine sketch. I have never written on, or even felt moleskine, but google it…. look for images. There is a whole movement out there dedicated to these notebooks.Moleskine, #041

Be Who You Are: Karenika inspiring collage {art} journal   – The text says it all, right~! But, look at the edges of the pages. I like how this person colors outside of the lines~! I’d like to see more of these pages, too~!

Be Who You Are: Karenika inspiring collage {art} journal

The Journey Begins --- again by Pinay New Yorker on Flickr
To tell me about how this blog post has inspired YOU to an action, please leave me a comment below~!

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