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Embrace Your Inner-Caterpillar – Both Stages are Stunning


Riddle me this?

Why is the butterfly getting all the glory?

The caterpillar is cool~!

If the caterpillar were not an essential stage in development, God would have skipped right over it, right? Sooo….. I’m saying, embrace your inner caterpillar, and press on toward the butterfly. Love yourself as a caterpillar, knowing you are on a journey, and will one day grow wings, as it were. Life is a process. If you were to begin at the end, you’d miss the adventure~! Be encouraged at this very stage of your life, and live it intentionally.

Now for the pictures~! I can’t help at marvel at God’s awesome creatures~! So, I am including some wonderful photos of crazy caterpillars and beautiful butterflies. These should inspire us to be proud of both of these phases, caterpillar AND butterfly~!

“God believes in our butterfly, hopes for our butterfly, loves us as butterflies”

~ Peter Kreeft

Top 10 Most Beautiful Caterpillars | SciencerayColorful Blue Morpho butterflyBeautiful Macro Insect PhotoPapilio machaon -- by claudiodelfuocochenilleeuropean peacock butterfly ~wow~

Sycamore Moth (Acronicta aceris) Caterpillar by forbesimages, via Flickr: Hard to believe that it turns into a plain colored moth. #Photography #Sycamore_Moth_Caterpillar #forbesimagesRare butterfly In the AndesStinging Rose CaterpillarButterflyPrettyButterflyMoth Caterpillar | by John Horstman

Peacock Pansy Butterfly (Junionia almana)

Electric caterpillarNature at its best

Peacock Bristle Worm (Chloeia flava), by Mat.Tauriello 毛虫beautifulTussock Moth Caterpillar (Lymantriinae) ~ By John Horstman

Yellow Butterfly


"God believes in our butterfly, hopes for our butterfly, loves us as butterflies"  Peter Kreeft Fortify My Life Blog

Oh…. but maybe you think you’re just a moth?

Moths are quite wonderful, too.

So, none of that comparing butterflies to moths and feeling short changed~!

Look at these guys~!

Luna MothRosy Maple MothShowpieceGarden Tiger MothMadagascan Sunset MothTo link to 300 more amazing caterpillar & butterfly photos on my pinterest page, click this link~!

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Rent a Tree House~! Or Build Your Own….


This made me smile.  (And I love to smile~!) You can rent a treehouse at this resort near Seattle. But these guys also will design and build a treehouse for you. Here are some wonderful pictures of charming tree houses. I want to LIVE in one of these; they are SO cool~!

upper-pond-sh-2burl-sh-2trillium-sh-3bonbibi-sh-4pond-room-sh-1temple-sh-1bonbibi-sh-3brew-house-sh-2brew-house-sh-3irish-cottage-sh-1irish-cottage-sh-4jacks-treehouse-sh-1jacks-treehouse-sh-2TreeHouse Point…. rent a treehouse link.

Nelson Treehouse and Supply… build a treehouse link.

10 O’Clock Hog Spot


Reflective Groundhog

My husband and I do this thing we call “playing games”.

It is kind of goofy, but it makes life a bit more fun.

So, the basic idea is, we turn almost any slice of normal life into a game. Over 20 years of hanging out together, we’ve accumulated quite a number of games. Some of them he came with, like s.p.e.l.l.i.n.g. words in mid-sentence. (I think his Mom started that when he was young.) Some of them are more recent. The fastest gardener; the biggest weed. Dish washing competition. Inventing vocabulary words is classic fun (ex: optomatopoeia – kinda like a word picture). We also make up new words to songs, and sing a lot while doing daily tasks.

Cycling is our preferred form of exercise. (Seriously, it is the kindest form of exercise I’ve found; one can even coast sometimes~!) All forms of exercise can become mundane, even riding a bike. We try to vary our routes. But, if we’re only going on a short ride on our lunch break, there is only so much variation we can access. To add intrigue, we play games on our bikes, too. We spot things. We look around and observe. Thankfully, in Pennsylvania the landscape changes frequently. We get to see the farmland go through the seasons. The flowers and trees have seasons, too. The most fun is glimpsing the wildlife. A chipmunk standing tall on a log. A storky-crane in a new puddle left by the most recent rain storm. The snapping turtle floating on a log in Green Pond. Today I saw 2 baby deer in a corn field. Cute!

BUT…. the favorite spot, the one we keep count of is…… groundhogs. We’ll each shout out so the other can share in the victorious hog spotting. If the ground hog is toward my front right, I’ll shout, “HOG, 2 O’CLOCK”.  Then Brook knows right where to look. Last Saturday we saw 3 groundhogs at our front left. We called that the 10 o’clock hog ride. He who spots the most hogs gets honored recognition for having “hog eyes”, or better yet “serious hog eyes”.  We also like to come up with expressions to describe the magnificence of the hogs. Fast and stealthy is the running ground hog. Strong and majestic is the one who holds his ground. The groundhog in this photo is obviously soulful and reflective… and SO handsome~!

Yes, I might have just shared a blog that reveals how quirky we can be. OR… or…… maybe this is a reminder to some, or an invitation to others to play more games and see the mundane tasks in life (like exercise & housework) get a bit more interesting. It really is about mindset, and “playing games” lightens life.

Happiness tip: be playful~!

“Anything one does every day is important and imposing and anywhere one lives is interesting and beautiful.”  Gertrude Stein

Perhaps I will share a few more of our games over time (like “well maybe…”, and “6-Kississippi). But, how about you? Do you dance when you dust? What games do you play to keep life happier? Add a comment so we can play your games, too~!