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30 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life


30 Dr. Seuss Quotes

That Can Change Your Life

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Dogged Determination



I have got to say, I LOVE the determination on this dog’s face~! He is not sitting back waiting for this ball to come to him. NOPE~! He is diving in, fully engaged. I believe that many of us need to be a bit more like this guy. Going for it, diving in, taking risks, and partnering with God to achieve many of the destinies available to us. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know God can do quite a bit without our help. I mean, he is omnipotent after all. But, our willingness, cooperation, and taking action have value.

Here is a quote which is often mistakenly attributed to the Bible: “God helps those who help themselves!” This is NOT in the Bible. It is a very old and valuable quote, in any case. It is believed that this quote comes from an ancient Greek proverb which influences other Greek literature and philosophy. Aesop is credited with a fable about a man who calls on the goddess Athena for help when his ship is wrecked and is advised to try swimming first.” (from wikipedia). That made me chuckle. But, how often have I been that person? There I was asking God to help me get a publisher for my book. It helps to send a book proposal to a publishing house~! That was a nerve racking moment for me. Taking a step of faith might not put us on the right path every single time, and the risk might seem terrifying, but it is a good starting place.

If you’d like a Bible quote to support this, the Bags of Gold Parable is a good example of God empowering and blessing people who were dedicated to growing and increasing His treasure, while the person who was afraid of taking any risks ended up losing everything. I also think of some of the healings that were performed by Jesus. He sometimes asked people to “do something”, after which a healing manifested. An example of this is a man whose hand was healed after Jesus said, “stretch out your hand”. I wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t? I’ll bet that he was very self-conscious and vulnerable at that moment. The Parable of the Bags of Gold – Matthew 25: 14-28 .  Stretch out Hand Story, Matthew 12: 1-13 .

***** PSSSSsssstt,  HEY YOU…..  If this daring dachshund has inspired you to GO FOR IT, drop me a note below and tell me about it~! I’d get a kick out of hearing from you~! Thanks~!

Is My Back Pain My Own Fault?


strong man and pig postcardI am one of the millions or zillions of people who have a back ache, or can get one easily by lifting or twisting awkwardly.

It would be easy enough to blame the heavy box, or the pillow, or the mattress, or the garden,, the car… or…. or…. you get the picture, blame anything possible. But, I suspect I am really the root of this back problem. Maybe you are young, and thinking back aches are for older people, and this blog post is not for you. But, you read on too. NOW is the time to take care of your back, because back aches aren’t for older people either. Many of us actually CAN do something about the condition of our backs, even if they seem irretrievable. I’ve gotten sick of the back problem, and I’m doing something about it. I’m already starting to feel better, and it has only been about 5 days or reclaiming my rights to my own back.

I don’t want to make anyone feel guilty here, for example my husband has a bad back as a result of a car accident. He broke his spine completely in half, and is paraplegic. But even with a seriously messed up spine, he does everything he can to make sure to keep his body strong and healthy. He is an amazing example to me. He rode a hand crank bicycle 20 miles today. Given what each individual has to work with, we have to do our part to get or keep ourselves as healthy as we can be. Often as we start down this road, we soon learn that we have access to better health than we had formerly believed possible~! Be encouraged~! Catch a strong wind of motivation, and take it to the next level.

Recently, I’ve been waking up with a back ache. I get up an hour early, unable to take staying in bed any longer. Of course that would lead me to believe that my bed is to blame, but that probably isn’t the whole story. Actually, the bed I have is a top recommended mattress for conditions like back pain and arthritis. I just bought it 6 months ago thinking my OLD mattress was causing my back pain. That didn’t solve the problem. Bummer~!

Fed up, I ended up on the Healthy Back Institute website (AKA: losethebackpain.com), and found lots of information that made more sense than killing myself with ibuprophen. I watched some of their videos, and found out that my hips are sinking too far into the mattress. This tends to be true of almost all mattresses (even my tempurpedic) , since humans are generally heavier in this area. A simple solution: I can put a folded towel under my middle, and my spine will tweak a bit less while I am sleeping. I also learned some specific stretches for lower back pain. They have videos about neck pain, sciatica, and more. I’ll be watching more of these videos over time.

I posted a blog last year about doing more core strengthening exercises “Being Spineless“. I would like to inform you that I have developed the habit of doing some of these. But, I need to go farther. Five minutes a day ins’t quite enough. The time that I am spending sitting so much of the day has to be counter-balanced.

While clicking some links on the Back Institute website, I came upon the best lower back pain stretching & strengthening routine I have encountered to date. Just exactly what I needed. It has me quite excited. I plan on having a stronger back in the upcoming weeks and months~! Here’s a link: Great Lower Back Relief Video. If you like this instructor, you can search for more exercises by her specifically. She sure looks fit. It turns out that youtube is a great resource, so do other searches, too~! NOW… remember, you aren’t likely to feel the full benefit of exercise right away. AND… avoid the temptation to do the routine 5 times the first three days. Don’t hurt yourself by stretching as far as you USED to be able to stretch a while ago. (I make this mistake every time; that’s why I’m saying this.) You’ll get back in shape soon enough if you stick with it~!

Hey… recommend more links and resources for back pain relief in our comments section, please~!

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