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Maximize the Happiness of an Event


happy orange frog

How to eke the most happiness out of an event…

4 stages:

1- anticipate the event

2- savor it as it unfolds

3- express happiness

4- remember it later as a happy memory.

Gretchen has her own “12 Commandments” listed in her book and on her blog.  Commandment 6 is “Enjoy the Process”.  Wow~!  What simple advice.  The search, the hunt, the research, the planning….. these components play a part in many events.  Then there might be shopping & rearranging life as another phase of the process. Let each part bring some element of adventure and enjoyment.

The Happiness Project, book by Gretchen Rubin.

The topic: Make time for projects, Page 108.

Huge Marshmallows and a Camp Fire


Brook and I went to visit some friends last night.

It was the perfect kind of night that one just must have from time to time. These people are great at entertaining. The conversation flowed for hours. Great food. An awesome dog to bring extra entertainment to an already dynamic scene.  It is the kind of night I wish for all of you to have. Makes us feel good to be alive~!
          The icing on the perfect night cake, as it were, was the killer fire pit. These guys always have some cool item that we especially admire. It isn’t like they are super rich (yet… probably will be some day), but they make good choices. The fire pit they have has a set of benches that curve around it. Metal, can’t catch on fire~! So, they made a fire. It was a nicely crafted fire, the kind an eagle scout would make. They bought a bag of those jumbo marshmallows, graham crackers & chocolate… we made smores~!  We got sticky, and laughed like kids. Oh, another cool gadget they had was metal prongs for roasting the marshmallows that extend extra long, so you don’t get burned. 

Time spent in friendship is part of what makes this time on earth so precious.

Make time to invite people over to your house. Make them feel special, as these people did with us. In doing so, you add LIFE to their lives, and your own as well.

A Perfect Day for Dreaming


A Perfect Day for Dreaming…

The weather is perfect today.

Daytime high was around 70 degrees. Light breeze, blue sky, flowers blooming. Perfect.

I am dreaming of having a vacation. I think I’d like to go to Cape May, NJ. I have been to the Jersey shore a good number of times. But, I have never been to Cape May. We need to stay in a place that will allow dogs. We also need an accessible room. Our schedule is very busy coming up. We’ve been looking for a chance to make a short escape… to leave our busy-ness & our business behind for a few days. I wonder when we can make that happen?  I hope soon. But, in the meantime, I am getting a lot of mileage out of just simply dreaming about the vacation to come.  Gotta enjoy the PROCESS…. relish each day, the dreams and hopes, as well as the planning, then the anticipation, too~!

Most of life isn’t the vacation, but the days in between.

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Try Something New~! Dragon Fruit~!


I think it is fun to try something new.

My husband does, too.

He saw this dragon fruit in the supermarket and it piqued his interest. He asked if I thought we should try it. We both thought, “YES”~!  We had never tasted it before. So here it is. Our dragon fruit adventure~!  And we made directions so you can try it too, if you haven’t ever done so. It tastes a bit like kiwi, but more mild, less acidic, more floral. Subtle, sweet…

This is a simple way to have an inexpensive happiness adventure. Buy something you’ve never tasted before. It is funny how you can’t always describe it. There are few words to describe a unique flavor~!


For Peace and Energy – Face the Sun~!


Today I sat outside with my face facing the sun. I had to take the dogs out. But, it was good to get something for myself while I was out there with “the boys”. With increased time spent in sunlight, people find they have increased energy levels and alertness. So, taking the dogs out doesn’t have to be just a chore. It can be an energizing time reversing seasonal affective symptoms, and bringing peace and happiness. Find a way to let the sun hit your eyeballs during the day~! A few minutes goes a long way, and boosts our Vitamin D, too.

Meet Boaz, “the baby”, our little teddy bear dog. Oh, because people often ask: he is a chocolate Pomeranian.


What a Great Day~! Give Thanks~!


Remember to be grateful for a few of the pleasant things that happened today.

Give thanks~!

It really was a lovely day~! Maybe write a few wonderful things down on a piece of paper, look at it again tomorrow, put it in recycling, and then start over again fresh, keeping an eye out for more good things every single day~!

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