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My Book is HERE~! It is HERE~!



HEY…. a quick update: My book has arrived~! Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh… it is here~!

I now have 2000 pounds worth of books sitting in my garage waiting to get incorporated into the corners of my house. I will be getting an ebay listing together so they can be purchased individually or by the box. They will also be available on Amazon.com. But I checked and they aren’t up on Amazon just yet. I’ll write an update and send links soon. Meanwhile, I am excited and just a bit overwhelmed, too. Can’t wait to share this book and start getting feedback. (Scroll down for a few links to see the cover, the endorsements, and read the intro~!)

IMG_6712Follow this link to read a description and the endorsements: https://fortifymylife.wordpress.com/books/

Follow this link to read my introduction: https://fortifymylife.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/fortify-your-soul-read-the-introduction/

Follow this link to see a close-up of the cover: https://fortifymylife.wordpress.com/category/book-updates-for-my-book/

The Full Cover Layout for My Book, Fortify Your Soul


I have received the full cover layout (front, back, spine and all) of my upcoming book, Fortify Your Soul. After hitting some speed bumps with the publishing process and with some unexpected twists in my life (which I may get into in another post), we are getting very close to having this book published~! 

Forty Your Soul Cover Layout

In case you have trouble reading the cover, the following is the text from the back of the book:


Do you want to live a more meaningful life?

Unfortunately, something so simple can get complicated…really fast. With thousands of books and seminars available—all trying to give you the secrets to a more purposeful life—you might be asking: Is it really this hard to know who I am and what I have been put on Earth to do?

No, it’s not!

In Fortify Your Soul, Laurie Hayden Bergey takes you on an inspirational journey that is often humorous, always relatable, and consistently encouraging.

You’ll discover…

• Spiritual growth that makes sense and gives purpose to your everyday life

• That there is actually a written blueprint to direct you toward who you were designed to be

• That you can transform your thoughts and attitudes in positive ways

• How you can be a catalyst for transformation…wherever you are, whatever you do

Laurie shares 40 entertaining and down-to-earth devotional stories of people who triumphed over adversity, overcame personal challenges, and fulfilled their destinies. Each story will give you new keys to unlock your purpose and supply you with tools and fortification for this great adventure, the life you were created to live!

Laurie Hayden Bergey and her husband, Brook, are the founders of Miracle Waters Ministries and The Gift List. Laurie has her Masters in Practical Ministry. She also serves as an ordained deacon at New Covenant Christian Community Church in Bethlehem, PA. Her creative passions include being a glass jewelry master craftsman, and an amateur chocolatier. Laurie has also served in the United States Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa. Visit the author’s ministry website: miraclewaters.org. Visit the author’s blog: fortifymylife.wordpress.com.

Here is a description of the book’s content. Click this link.

To read some of the past updates about this book, click this link~!

HELP… Please Vote on the COVER Samples for My Book


My publisher has sent me four sample covers for the Book~! I want your feedback. Please tell me – What do you think? Be harsh; be specific. Which will sell the best to a 50% male and 50% female audience? What else would you like to say? Say it~! I want to hear in now, before we go to print~!

Fortify Your Soul - Lighthouse Cover

Fortify Your Soul – Lighthouse Cover

Fortify Your Soul - Sailboat Cover

Fortify Your Soul – Sailboat Cover

Fortify Your Soul - Bird Cover

Fortify Your Soul – Bird Cover

Fortify Your Soul - Key & Notebook Cover

Fortify Your Soul – Key & Notebook Cover


Which do you like the most and why? The winner will still be tweaked a bit, but I’d like to get some feedback…. please, please, please~!

Here is a description of the book’s content. Click this link.

To read some of the past updates about this book, click this link~!

Fortify Your Soul – Book Updates



Laurie Hayden

I have several updates about my book as we get closer to the publication date.

1- The title will be: Fortify Your Soul: 40 Letters to Friends Seeking Purpose and Peace


2- I have the production schedule:  My Production Project Manager at Nori Media Group (Destiny Image, Ambient Press) wrote to say, “We have started the editing process. We will do a thorough edit and formatting of your book, and then do the pagination/text design layout.  I expect that to be done by the 16th of May.  At that point, I will send it to you for your review.  You can expect to receive it from me by May 19th, and your comments/corrections will  be due back to me by May 30th. After your review, there will be another editor that will do another proof (incorporating your comments/corrections), and then we will begin to finalize the files for press. At this point, I expect to send files to press in mid-to-late June.”


3 – Brook and I snapped hundreds and hundreds of photos. The photo in this post is the one we’ve singled in on for the book jacket. My Mom says I look like an angel, but that isn’t what we had intended. If you have ever seen people lined up at a Greek ruin to have their picture taken while they’re standing behind a decapitated Greek statue…. It was a bit more tongue in cheek, like that~! We were being goofy.


Please be in prayer for the editing,

and also for the design of the book~!


Fortify Your Soul should be released by early July…..




HELP… Please Vote on the Title of My Book


Laurie Hayden

I have just heard from my publisher. We are working on the title for my book, and I would like your help. PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT~!  I am posting this blog post onto my facebook page, too.  Here are some contending titles. What do you think? Which do you like the most and why? These may still need to be tweaked a bit, but I’d like to get some feedback…. please, please, please~!

Grab Your Life: 40 Letters to Friends to Fortify Souls and Activate Destinies


40 Days and 40 Nights to Activate an Amazing Life: Letters to Friends Seeking Purpose and Peace


Fortify Your Soul: 40 Letters to Friends to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies


Until now, I have been calling this book FORTIFY MY LIFE: 40 Fortifications for the Heart & Mind & Body & Spirit Designed to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies. If you would like to know more about the book to give me feedback on the title, here is a description of the book’s content. Click this link.

To read some of the past updates about this book, click this link~!

Two Outrageous Endorsements from the UK~!



I have gotten a few more endorsements for my book. They are so cool~! Both of them come from leaders in worldwide organizations which are having a tremendous impact on seeing peoples’ lives restored. Both of these endorsement rocked my world, as I respect these leaders so tremendously.

The first one is so well written that I wrote back and asked, “SO when is YOUR book coming out~?” It is from Kent & Mary Alice Martin. These are missionaries our church helps send to England to be the directors of Betel UK. Betel is a worldwide recovery program that has extremely high success rates, in the world of recovery places. Kent & Mary Alice live shoulder to shoulder with recovering addicts. Their stories will make you explode with hope, and some can break your heart.  “Betel UK is dedicated to continue offering hope and hospitality free of charge to the neediest men and women of Great Britain–at no additional cost to government social services or families.” Click Link to see Kent & Mary Alice’s webpage. Kent & Mary Alice are some of my real life heroes~!

The second quote is from Nicky Gumbel of The Alpha Program. The Alpha Program is near and dear to my heart, as it was the informational presentation that encouraged me to make the intellectual  and emotional investment of my heart and mind into the Kingdom of God. I confidently became a follower of Jesus in Alpha. Nicky is smart, and cool, and so funny. I adored the videos in this course and had the privilege to see them many times, as Brook and I helped out on the Alpha staff at our church as small group leaders. I never got tired of these videos, and picked up new stuff each time I watched them.  Click here to link to Alpha clips. And…  Here’s a good 3 minute clip of Nicky~! Man, I love this guy~! Literally, my heart expands when I hear him talk. He wrote a very nice letter to Brook and me, and it really made my day when I opened that envelope.

The Endorsements:

In the life-restoring ministry of Betel (described in these pages), we’re always looking for modern story tellers, writers who can demystify ancient truths to make scripture accessible to the hardest heart or most unbelieving 21st-century mind. Fortify My Life does that. It’s non-threatening, easy and relaxed, like a coffee-table book for the hungry soul, satisfying so many tastes at once. It’s a volume of personal letters, a thought-provoking journal, an inspiring devotional book, and a Bible-study guide all in one. Forty sacred stories, all but forgotten by this generation, are retold with the crisp wit and seeming intimacy of a close friend who understands the disbelief of a “Christophobic” world. Laurie asks as many honest, jargon-free questions of the Bible as she answers. She cleverly draws out the pithy essence of these timeless accounts, simultaneously provoking a curiosity to understand them deeper–and the God who stars in them. How quickly can I get copies of this book for the hundreds of broken, recovering Betel men and women who need it?

Kent & Mary Alice Martin

Directors, Betel UK


“I am delighted to hear of Laurie Hayden Bergey’s fascinating book project and wish her every success.”

Reverend Nicky Gumbel, The Alpha Program, Holy Trinity Brompton, London, UK

What Will be the Title of My Book?


I have JUST remembered that my publisher is having a creative meeting today. One of the things they will be discussing is the title for my upcoming book. This has me feeling a bit vulnerable and small. So, bring it…. I need prayer and encouragement. Everything is going to OK, right? I’ll like the title, and be able to market this mind-child of mine right? I’ve entrusted the final say to people I trust and respect, haven’t I? Please add comments~!

This photo is of me when I was approximately 8 years old. Small and vulnerable… like I feel right NOW~! Thanks for prayer~!

photo of Laurie Hayden


Two Cool Book Endorsements~!


snail loopLittle by little, more endorsements are coming in. I have received two very cool book endorsements from friends of friends this week. One of these people I have met. He is very close to our pastors Trish & Jack & Matt & Clair. In my opinion, he is a very big deal~! (But he is kind and modest, so he would shrug off that statement, or maybe make a joke.) He is a leader of a whole network of churches in England. He has spoken at our church a number of times. His messages tend to be very practical and easy to apply. His take on Fortify My Life is super (see it below)…. obviously this man makes things make sense.

The second cool endorsement is from a person I have not ever met. Brook and I were having dinner with our friend Lulu. I was telling her that I am in the process of recruiting endorsements for the book. She thought for a minute, and then said, “I have a friend who might be interested in endorsing your book.” So, the three of us emailed, and I now have an endorsement from a Moody Bible Institute professor, and fellow author. Jamie and I have had such nice interactions. She seems very lovely~! I really like what she wrote about Fortify My Life~!


Fortify My Life is a creative and refreshing book. It brings three important strands together. Firstly ‘stories’. In today’s world stories are what people love to hear and what better stories than Bible stories. Secondly ‘Interaction’. This book opens doors for discussion and personal evaluation. And thirdly ‘purpose’. The interesting thread of “40” takes the reader on a journey that I believe really will ‘strengthen lives and activate destinies’! Recommended reading!

~Stuart Bell. Senior Pastor, New Life Lincoln, England and leader of the Ground Level Network of churches.


Fortify My Life is not like the Bible stories you might have heard at church. With her witty sense of humor and fresh, conversational style, Laurie Hayden Bergey will show you how God has changed the lives of people in the past and how He can change your life today.”

~  Jamie Janosz, Moody Bible Institute professor and author of When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up

Two More WONDERFUL Book Endorsements~!


I have received two more WONDERFUL endorsements from local ministries. These are from people I know well. People with whom I have gone out to eat. With whom I have laughed and prayed. I respect them for the unique ways they like to reach out to people. Links to these ministries are below the two endorsements.

David Michael Donnangelo


Without question, what comes to mind when I think of Laurie is patience, wisdom, and a discerning spirit.

In her book Fortify My Life, you can for sure expect a reflection of these qualities in her narratives and helpful stories that will keep you pondering about Jesus, life, and purpose. Because she walks out these qualities in her daily life, these qualities in her are the best examples of a Christian character that encourage and help many people through her writing.

Laurie lives out what she expresses by “faith” on paper, helping those in most need and keeping many thinking about their life with Jesus. She not only lives out God’s Dream for her own life, but she echos through empathy, and helps through genuine concern, the life expressions of many who ordinarily would give up, but instead move forward to a better future of hope and grace through Christ Jesus.

David Michael Donnangelo – Author of: Dreaming God’s Dreams & Director of: Kingdom’s Keys Ministries


One of the things we love most about Laurie is her ability to reach people no matter where they are. This book is a necessity in everyone’s collection because it will intrigue the unbeliever to a level of desire that they never knew God put in their hearts, and it will spark hunger in any believer no matter what level their walk is to seek God’s Word even deeper.  Laurie’s compassion and love for all people truly exemplifies her walk with Christ, and we cannot wait for the book to come to print so that we can share with others!

Jerry & Teri Klinger, Redeeming Love Transformations Ministries


Link to David Donnangelo’s Fine Art. (Isn’t that a great name for an artist~!!!?). David is an artist. This work of art (“Peace Dove”) is his, and is for sale in his online shop).

David’s Donnangelo’s Book: Dreaming God’s Dream.

Redeeming Love Transformations Ministries Website.

They Want to Publish My Book~!


grunge basement office

I have just found out that my favorite publishing house would like to publish my book~!

To a first time author, this is a very big deal~! I am exited, amazed, and terrified all at the same time. I was warned to expect rejection letter after rejection letter. I spent a very long time writing a top notch book proposal. Still, I was pretty anxious when I finally clicked the “submit” button to send my book proposal off to the publisher. I didn’t tell anyone (Brook was a bit bummed out about that).  I didn’t want to think about the agony of the wait on a daily basis, and then share that I had gotten rejections (though surely I’d have told Brook about that~!).

The wait time to hear back from a publisher is generally 6 to 8 weeks. So, I was stunned to hear back from this publisher in a week~! I love this company, Destiny Image Publishers. I told them how their books influence my life, and their cover design makes my soul sing. I had given them a 1 week head start to want my book because it was my dream to get published by these guys. I now have a signed contract with them.

At the moment the working title of the book is:


40 Fortifications for the 

Heart & Mind & Body & Spirit 

Designed to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies

But, that could change. It is likely to be at least 6 months until the book is finally printed. Although Destiny Image will be publishing the book, it will be printed under their Ambient Press Imprint. I can’t wait to hold the finished product in my hands. It has a great purpose to bring Heaven to earth, to fortify hearts and souls, and to launch people into their destinies. I know that sounds immodest. The truth is, this book is really great. I can’t believe I get to be a part of it. God is Awesome~!

Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

My publisher: Destiny Image, and  Ambient Press

Book proposal resources: Writing-a-winning-book-proposal, by Michael Hyatt

Follow this link to read more about my writing updates~!