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An Inspirational Influence of Andy Warhol in Autumn Photography


While Andy Warhol, successful commercial illustrator turned pop art icon, is not among my top favorite artists, he sure has made his imprint on our culture. I was thinking of this Marilyn Monroe portrait when the fall leaves started to turn colors and my nieces were coming up from Florida to visit Pennsylvania.


The goal was to be able to take photos of my nieces against different colors of fall foliage. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. I wasn’t able to find a good orange tree when they were here. NOW there is a perfect specimen right across the street from my house. Still the photos of them against some other colors came out great. AND… there was the added bonus of them being so good at striking the same pose multiple times. Very impressive to one like me~! (Well… 98% of the time I blink…. so I guess I can hit the same pose, too. But, not with such charm as “the sorority pose”.)

0001rHFall Leaves in Orange and Yellow

We went to South Street as part of a day in Philadelphia. I was able to take some shots of these gals in the urban environment, too. (I wish we had found a good blue back ground in the urban montage. I worked blue into the frame. to break up some too similar colors.) This was such a great time. It was last year, and now that the leaves are changing again, I am thinking of my Florida family with a warm heart. But, I thought these photos might inspire someone else to get out and find all the right colors~!

Fall Colors Warhol Nieces Photo