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Fortify Your Soul – Book Updates



Laurie Hayden

I have several updates about my book as we get closer to the publication date.

1- The title will be: Fortify Your Soul: 40 Letters to Friends Seeking Purpose and Peace


2- I have the production schedule:  My Production Project Manager at Nori Media Group (Destiny Image, Ambient Press) wrote to say, “We have started the editing process. We will do a thorough edit and formatting of your book, and then do the pagination/text design layout.  I expect that to be done by the 16th of May.  At that point, I will send it to you for your review.  You can expect to receive it from me by May 19th, and your comments/corrections will  be due back to me by May 30th. After your review, there will be another editor that will do another proof (incorporating your comments/corrections), and then we will begin to finalize the files for press. At this point, I expect to send files to press in mid-to-late June.”


3 – Brook and I snapped hundreds and hundreds of photos. The photo in this post is the one we’ve singled in on for the book jacket. My Mom says I look like an angel, but that isn’t what we had intended. If you have ever seen people lined up at a Greek ruin to have their picture taken while they’re standing behind a decapitated Greek statue…. It was a bit more tongue in cheek, like that~! We were being goofy.


Please be in prayer for the editing,

and also for the design of the book~!


Fortify Your Soul should be released by early July…..




Another Publisher Likes My Book


sunset rays

A quick update on FORTIFY MY LIFE :

When I sent my book proposal to publishers, I gave my “favorite” publishing house a 1 week head start to accept or reject FORTIFY MY LIFE. One week later, I sent the manuscript to my second choice publisher, a VERY fine and reputable publishing house. I had mentioned in my last post about the book that it is typical to have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to hear back from a publisher. Well as I had also said, Destiny Image got back to me super fast, within a day of sending in the 2nd proposal. So, I started moving forward with them, looking at the contract, talking about cover design, and ultimately signing a contract. Then, on the morning of the big money day, when I was preparing to order 2000 copies of the upcoming book, the second book company wrote me a note saying they would like to publish FORTIFY MY LIFE.

I have to say, this was an exciting and confusing moment. Of course I already knew that I would be publishing with Destiny Image’s Ambient Press label. I had already signed the contract. But, a contract offer from Creation House is very precious. It was such an honor to get the “acceptance letter”. Brook and I sat at breakfast discussing how it is a shame I can’t publish with both of them~! What a fine compliment to get that note today, and bitter-sweet to send the “regrets” reply. So, there it is: I’ve had 100% positive responses from publishing houses with regards to FORTIFY MY LIFE~! I’m glad that both of these wonderful publishers have deemed this book worth publishing.  That makes my heart flutter~!

I am now waiting to find out what the production schedule looks like for FORTIFY MY LIFE. I’m guessing it won’t get printed until next March, or even later. In the meantime, I will start talking to pastors, authors, and ministry leaders about writing endorsements. This is a bit out of my comfort zone, so say a prayer for me~!

Follow this link to read more about my writing updates~!

They Want to Publish My Book~!


grunge basement office

I have just found out that my favorite publishing house would like to publish my book~!

To a first time author, this is a very big deal~! I am exited, amazed, and terrified all at the same time. I was warned to expect rejection letter after rejection letter. I spent a very long time writing a top notch book proposal. Still, I was pretty anxious when I finally clicked the “submit” button to send my book proposal off to the publisher. I didn’t tell anyone (Brook was a bit bummed out about that).  I didn’t want to think about the agony of the wait on a daily basis, and then share that I had gotten rejections (though surely I’d have told Brook about that~!).

The wait time to hear back from a publisher is generally 6 to 8 weeks. So, I was stunned to hear back from this publisher in a week~! I love this company, Destiny Image Publishers. I told them how their books influence my life, and their cover design makes my soul sing. I had given them a 1 week head start to want my book because it was my dream to get published by these guys. I now have a signed contract with them.

At the moment the working title of the book is:


40 Fortifications for the 

Heart & Mind & Body & Spirit 

Designed to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies

But, that could change. It is likely to be at least 6 months until the book is finally printed. Although Destiny Image will be publishing the book, it will be printed under their Ambient Press Imprint. I can’t wait to hold the finished product in my hands. It has a great purpose to bring Heaven to earth, to fortify hearts and souls, and to launch people into their destinies. I know that sounds immodest. The truth is, this book is really great. I can’t believe I get to be a part of it. God is Awesome~!

Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

My publisher: Destiny Image, and  Ambient Press

Book proposal resources: Writing-a-winning-book-proposal, by Michael Hyatt

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