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Hayden Brook Dichroic Glass

Maybe you are here because you want to to be happier and more fulfilled. Maybe like so many others, you are seeking inspiration for a healthier heart and mind and body and spirit~! I am seeking those things, too. As an avid enthusiast of that pursuit, I search the internet, the Bible, and read a lot of books looking for tips. I share some of the favorite things that I find on this site.

hayden brook dichroic glass detail

Maybe you are here because you are FUN~! I am fun, too. As I go from day to day, I learn new things that are interesting and gather information that is extraordinary. I share some of what I find on this site. That stuff is spread out though several categories of posts. It is hard to decide where to file many of my muti-faceted entries, as I try to pick just one category for each post~! Jokes are in the humor section~!

hayden brook dichroic glass detail

Maybe you are here because you are have an eye for the aesthetic. Oh, that is me, too~! I have been collecting visual inspiration for years, and I share some of what I find on this site. (This might be a good link for you~! But, don’t stop there. I try to include stunning art & photos in the majority of my posts.)

Maybe you are here because you have an appetite for the spiritual. So do I~!  I like to think about the wondrous ways of God. (This might be a good link for you~!) I have even written a book on this topic. (This link will keep you updated on the progress of my book, due for release early 2015.)

hayden brook dichroic glass detail

This blog may feel random at first. (Or maybe you will get the connections right away.) I’ll blog about eating sprouts one day, and post something spiritual the next. I will post pictures of stunning butterflies another day, and then post practical tips for being happier after that. I am a multi-passionate explorer of life. I want to live a rich and full life, tuned in heart and mind and body and spirit. And, I want to hang out with you if you are like-minded, or grab you by the hand if you some need inspiration and a pull in that direction.

These pages are meant to make you feel great. To inspire you to action, to create awe, or to make you laugh. Come explore this site, and fortify YOUR life.  I typically post 3-4 times per week. Please subscribe to my blog (look in the top right corner), and I hope you’ll comment often, too~! Welcome, nice to meet you~!

hayden brook dichroic glass detail

(The photos above are close-up details from my work. I am an artisan who has the privilege of getting paid to make pretty things out of colorful glass. I love my job at Hayden Brook Studios~! The bottom photo is from a family outing. Three generations of goofy in a plywood bus~! One of my brothers is driving. I am in the other front seat. My husband took this photo, one of my top favorites~! It makes me laugh every time~!)

laurie hayden family outing

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  1. Hi, I live a couple of miles from your studio in Gasparilla Mobile Estate. I was wondering if I could come to your studio? I love dichroic glass–might not have spelt it right but I love it. Do you give classes?

    thank you.

    • Hey~! Hi sort-of-neighbor. We’d love to meet you.
      We have a home show coming up. Stop in during these hours:
      Thursday 12/8/15: 7pm – 9pm
      Saturday, 12/10/15:  1pm – 4pm
      Sunday, 12/11/15: 1pm – 4pm

  2. Hi Laurie & Brook , Just found your blog today I really love it and getting to know you both and your story! I think the last picture of you and your family is my favorite!! I looked REALLY CLOSE and said to myself ” SELF” “I know that band of crazies!!! ” THAT’S MY FAMILY !!!! And who was the even crazier one who let Shawn drive????

    Well if you are now scratching your head as to who this might be…. It is your long lost cousin Stacy Renee !!

    Aunt Lou or Weezer as I like to call her, told me I should look up your studio. When I realized you had a sense of humor I could help but have some fun!

    Your work and your spirit are Beautiful!!

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