Fortify Your Soul – Book Updates



Laurie Hayden

I have several updates about my book as we get closer to the publication date.

1- The title will be: Fortify Your Soul: 40 Letters to Friends Seeking Purpose and Peace


2- I have the production schedule:  My Production Project Manager at Nori Media Group (Destiny Image, Ambient Press) wrote to say, “We have started the editing process. We will do a thorough edit and formatting of your book, and then do the pagination/text design layout.  I expect that to be done by the 16th of May.  At that point, I will send it to you for your review.  You can expect to receive it from me by May 19th, and your comments/corrections will  be due back to me by May 30th. After your review, there will be another editor that will do another proof (incorporating your comments/corrections), and then we will begin to finalize the files for press. At this point, I expect to send files to press in mid-to-late June.”


3 – Brook and I snapped hundreds and hundreds of photos. The photo in this post is the one we’ve singled in on for the book jacket. My Mom says I look like an angel, but that isn’t what we had intended. If you have ever seen people lined up at a Greek ruin to have their picture taken while they’re standing behind a decapitated Greek statue…. It was a bit more tongue in cheek, like that~! We were being goofy.


Please be in prayer for the editing,

and also for the design of the book~!


Fortify Your Soul should be released by early July…..





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