HELP… Please Vote on the Title of My Book


Laurie Hayden

I have just heard from my publisher. We are working on the title for my book, and I would like your help. PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT~!  I am posting this blog post onto my facebook page, too.  Here are some contending titles. What do you think? Which do you like the most and why? These may still need to be tweaked a bit, but I’d like to get some feedback…. please, please, please~!

Grab Your Life: 40 Letters to Friends to Fortify Souls and Activate Destinies


40 Days and 40 Nights to Activate an Amazing Life: Letters to Friends Seeking Purpose and Peace


Fortify Your Soul: 40 Letters to Friends to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies


Until now, I have been calling this book FORTIFY MY LIFE: 40 Fortifications for the Heart & Mind & Body & Spirit Designed to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies. If you would like to know more about the book to give me feedback on the title, here is a description of the book’s content. Click this link.

To read some of the past updates about this book, click this link~!


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  1. I like the original: FORTIFY MY LIFE: 40 Fortifications for the Heart, Mind, Body, & Spirit Designed to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies.
    So exciting!! Getting closer!!

  2. How about “40 Days and 40 Nights: Letters to Friends Seeking Purpose and Peace”. It is a catchy title and will draw a broader crowd. I think words like “Activating an Amazing Life” tend to come across as kitschy and a bit hyper-spiritual, which is fine depending on your main marketing audience. This is just my opinion. Go with you heart. Hear the Lord on it. Regardless, we are all very proud of you for doing this Laurie and I know the Lord is going to use your hard work with kingdom increase!!

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