Hope is on Clearance Sale? Isn’t HOPE Supposed to be FREE?


OH LOOK…  Hope is on Clearance Sale at Walgreen’s~? A friend of mine captured this classic American snap shot. I cracked up. Look at it~! How funny is this photo?~! (Thanks Kristen~!)

Although it is a really funny observation, it also got me thinking about HOPE. There are SO many directions that this post could take. But to keep it simple and obtainable, I wanted to remind people that hope really isn’t expensive at all. 

Hope is a free gift from God,

and we get to give it away.

Hope is on clearance sale at the drugstore! Thank God!

I am supposed to be a beacon of light, and a bringer of hope. You are too~! It is possible that people overcomplicate this. Catch this….. keep it simple:

Look up… Make eye contact…

Smile, and Say Hello~!

Not too hard really. Also, a few kind words will work wonders. The Bible says,  “The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.” (Proverbs 15:4) 

A short story: Last Thursday my husband and I went to the supermarket. The woman behind me in the checkout line looked a bit stern, maybe even mean. Meanwhile, Brook and I chattered away to the cashier. We know most of the supermarket cashiers by now. We try to give them a moment of fun, a joke, or a story to entertain and engage them as they shuffle our things into bags.

Well, something we had said brought a glance from that woman behind me. Eye contact~! I turned and asked her, “SO…. how are YOU today?”

Surprise.. she smiled.

That stern lady had a magnificent smile. And I made it my business to tell her so, and suggested that she should smile ALL THE TIME~! I turned back to the other conversation. About a minute later, she put her hand on my arm. She told me that many, many years ago she used to laugh and smile all the time. Since that time, she had married a very serious man, and she found she didn’t smile very much anymore. I think that is a bit sad. But, she was smiling as she told me her story.

Then, as we left the supermarket, she was actively laughing in our wake. She and the cashier were extending the moment of sunshine that we had introduced. It took so little effort on our part. We were just being ourselves in public.

Another short story: A customer of ours had bought a pair of cuff links. We shipped them and sent her the tracking information. The next day she wrote to tell us that her boyfriend had broken up with her…. with mere days left before Christmas.

She didn’t want to be any trouble, she said. But asked if she could send those cufflinks back. Well…. of course she could~! I told her my real concern was going to be how it would make her feel to receive that package, her boyfriend’s gift. We wrote a few notes back and forth. I told her how glad I was not to have married a few of the people I had dated and loved. Once my amazing husband came into my life, it was very clear why the other relationships had not worked out.

She thanked me…. literally for bringing her HOPE. Now we are friends on facebook~!

Look at this Joyce Meyer quote~! “The world is desperate for hope. We need to be light in a dark place.”  It is so very true. Give HOPE away! Do it today… make it a habit. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s not make people go out and dig around for the dusty discounted version of it that they might find in a discount bin at the drugstore.


The world is desperate for hope. We need to be light in a dark place.  - Joyce Meyer

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