Hundreds of Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays


I go through phases of being motivated to wrap gifts, and dreading it. I’m not sure which mode I am in this year. I get pretty worn down by the 3rd week in December. Busy season at work leaves me creatively challenged at the end of the day.  Today I spent some time creating a very fun collection of Gift Wrapping Ideas. If you follow this link, you will see over 300 photos of gift wrapping images. Some Simple, some complex.  I will add some photos below, and another link at the bottom of the page to see my larger collection of Gift Wrapping Ideas.

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It is important to note that a very small bit of creativity can go a very long way. I am a sucker for recycling. So, I have lots of simple recycled/DIY photos to peruse. That’s the kind of wrapping I’m headed toward…. with maybe some buttons, yarn and collage. But, some of you are SO wonderfully motivated and talented~! I have included more complicated wrap jobs to inspire you, too.

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STRING and Folded Paper Flags. So simple, but what a charming look~! Looks like the 1st gift is also wrapped in fabric… a nice textural touch.wrapping garland

Tie it up in fabric. Fast. Easy. Cute.


Or Silk Scarves~! So Rich~!

But you can find these in thrift stores, or take a scissors to a shirt you don’t wear anymore.


Moth Eaten Sweater~!

This makes a “warm” looking gift~!old sweater turned cozy wrapper

Bottle Sweater Sleeves...made from old sweaters.

Color Your Own Gift with the Crayons included on top~! NICE JOB~!Be creative when wrapping children's presents and make the outside as interesting as the inside! | Lines Across

Print these tags out of your computer~!

Follow the links to my collection page to get the sources~!Sweet Paul's DIY Safari Animal Gift Tags - Free printables!

I’m not sure if this is awesome or cruel~!

Ha-Ha-Ha~! Probably super fun. I guess it depends on who you give it to~! The gift is rolled up inside a pretty ball of yarn.

Hmm...what to wrap up..

This is cute. Green triangles on toothpicks… I’ll use this idea eventually. I really like it.

Christmas tree forest wrapping.

String and buttons go a LONG way in making these boxes very charming.

pretty packagesInspiration | BLANK supplies & inspiration.

This one is so elegant~! Pretty paper, string, garland, multiple tags, and a big fat PomPom~! I’d have a hard time opening this gift. Can what is inside of it be as good as the packaging?xmas wrapping idea

Now this is probably my favorite~! So Pretty~! Not THAT complicated to make, just takes some effort. The flowers and wrapping paper look like they are all made from recycled newspaper that has been painted, maybe with watercolor, and dusted with sparkles. For something made from the garbage pile, this is a true treasure. I don’t think I’d ever be able to open this gift. I’d want to set it on a shelf to love as a sculpture~! Nice work Artist~!


More Newspaper. A lotta folks making good use of Newspaper~! String, too~! I’m also liking the huge letters on the gift tags.wrap me up.Simple.Packaging #giftwrap #packagingwraprecycle giftwrap

Make a Gift Box From a Milk Carton~!

I’m amazed that something that starts out so ugly can look so cool in the end.

Make a Gift Box From a Milk Carton

Make a Gift Box From a Milk Carton

Simple and elegant…. Stencil, elastic string, cut out star, brown paper and cardboard.


Lace, Labels, String…. and the Butterfly topper, which (look closer) is not that hard to make. You might even be able to print a butterfly photo onto a pice of card stock, and add the wire and pipe cleaner with glue. 10 minutes…. but look at the result. Make a few of them, and you’ll have them for next time.

Pretty paper lace wrapping, butterfly & blue string, Love it!

I know that I am not alone in liking MAPS~! They seem to invite people to want to wander and travel. They are also colorful. Old maps have little use. Streets and borders change over time. Use the old maps to make things…. like wrapping paper and flowers~! This flower was made by cutting a spiral coil, and then winding it tighter. Follow my link to see a tutorial. VERY EASY~! Great LOOK~!

it's a checkbook cover! 20 Modern Handmade Holiday Decorating Ideas : Decorating : HGTVThe “Parcel” Look is looking good~!

love old school packaging.Great favor boxes.

Add a doily, string, stickers and stamps…

doily and brown paper

Mixed Paper Collage~!

washi tape packaging

Finger painting on white paper, and magic marker swirls to make the electric cord. Fun family art project turns into pretty wrapping paper.

Kids fingertips in paint to make Christmas lights design gift wrap


Christmas gift wrapping by Nina Therese Oppedal, Norway. Gift paper.

Gift Wrap with a Chalkboard Look using a chalk marker and black kraft paper.

Lace over Brown Paper~!

lace over craft paper

Shirt Sleeve Wine Bottle Bag…

Shirt sleeve wine bottle bag #DIY

Squiggle Cuts of colorful paper, and then a strip of ribbon, add a pretty label.wrap

Cut out shrinking sized circles…. sew or staple together, maybe glue a button in the middle.

love the paper bow

This Sail boat topper is not hard to make, and I think it is wonderful~! I want to sail it to the end of the world and look over the edge.


This might take more motivation. But if you are skilled with yarn or ribbon, these flowers really dress up a package. They can be used more than once, too.

cute present wrapping and flowers!

Paint or print on brown paper. This may be a block print done in 2 different colors. Polka dot theme is carried through to the bow.handmade gift paperLOVE this LOOK~! Rainbow colored ribbon woven over newspaper.



These are SO easy to make it is almost embarrassing. AND LOOK how charming they are on the gift. Love the pink and brown color combo, too. Pin wheels as bows.

Pine needles, Pine cones, Twine…

Brown paper packages……

How hard is it to make this fish? 

Poke 2 holes in it. Tie onto package with string. Cute~!DIY Wrapping Ideas

POM POMS and a braid…

I’ll bet this is the bag that this gift came in from the store, too. Why throw it out? Works fine~!

pom poms

Rubberbands in different colors.

rubber bands as gift bow

There is a tutorial to make these orchids. Follow the link to my gift wrapping collection.

Learn how to make a paper orchid with our DIY tutorial and free printable template. Perfect to decorate your gift or put in your hair.

More stuff to cut out of paper, not too complicated.


EASY…. Cute… Owl…


A bit like belt buckes. Oval or rectangle with 2 slits in it. Slide the ribbon through the slits starting from the back and up over the top, back through. So easy, but look how far the effort has taken the package.


Weave String or yarn…weavings

Yarn Gift Wrap - SIMPLE!Leftover yarn can help birds build nests…


Pages from a book, string and collage.sweet gift packet

Book masking tape

Sheet Music…

jingle bell


Print out a photo.

City Farmhouse- Photo ornaments & wrapping

Splatter Painting of Newspaper. Looks Great~!


Drips and smears of paint on white paper. VERY PRETTY~!

such great wrapping paper...

Painting triangles, they look a bit like Christmas trees.


Simple string and pom pom to top it off. I really like this package.

 Oh Joy Gift Wrapping Ideas for Good Housekeeping | Make a large and in charge pom pom!Wrap it up!

These Calla Lilies are really just a cone with a strip of gold paper in the middle…


Snowflakes, with a tutorial.

paper snowflakes topper tutorial

Tape or tie a Stick on it….

Holiday Gift Tag Assortment - Pack of 24autumn gift wrapping : gorgeous and natural;; it's all about presentation*

Pretty Pom Pom Stick, raw fabric, shopping bag, string.

Get rid of your fabric scraps and tie with inexpensive string

Make your own box out of Felt.


A terra cotta pot tied with a ribbon. Thank Martha Stewart for this genius idea.


Recycled Calendar Gift Wrap….
calendar wrap

More Buttons…

Button love.Buttonswrapped


obsessed with glitter/spray paint + plastic animals

Feathers… real, or make your own

DIY Peacock feather gift wrap I created for Emily Henderson's holiday mag.twine & stripes & feathersPaperFeathers


Stars on Wire or stiff string.


Recycled Tissue Paper Collage. Easy, and pretty much FREE if you save different colors of tissue paper when you get gifts.


Draw String Bags:

adorable packaging by pocket baby

Keep it simple…. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things:


Holiday Tags: Blender Pen Tutorial

Nice gift wrap accented holiday gift wrap diy idea.

Click here to see my larger collection of Gift Wrapping Ideas~!

When you follow this link, click twice on any of the images to be taken to their original source. You will probably find that the links take you to the blogs of some very creative people with lots of fun ideas on how to DO life with gusto~!

Happy Wrapping!

Hope this has helped. Let me know. Drop me a comment~!


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Felt Heart Gift/Favor Tags with Ribbon Ties in Summer Colours


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