Two Outrageous Endorsements from the UK~!



I have gotten a few more endorsements for my book. They are so cool~! Both of them come from leaders in worldwide organizations which are having a tremendous impact on seeing peoples’ lives restored. Both of these endorsement rocked my world, as I respect these leaders so tremendously.

The first one is so well written that I wrote back and asked, “SO when is YOUR book coming out~?” It is from Kent & Mary Alice Martin. These are missionaries our church helps send to England to be the directors of Betel UK. Betel is a worldwide recovery program that has extremely high success rates, in the world of recovery places. Kent & Mary Alice live shoulder to shoulder with recovering addicts. Their stories will make you explode with hope, and some can break your heart.  “Betel UK is dedicated to continue offering hope and hospitality free of charge to the neediest men and women of Great Britain–at no additional cost to government social services or families.” Click Link to see Kent & Mary Alice’s webpage. Kent & Mary Alice are some of my real life heroes~!

The second quote is from Nicky Gumbel of The Alpha Program. The Alpha Program is near and dear to my heart, as it was the informational presentation that encouraged me to make the intellectual  and emotional investment of my heart and mind into the Kingdom of God. I confidently became a follower of Jesus in Alpha. Nicky is smart, and cool, and so funny. I adored the videos in this course and had the privilege to see them many times, as Brook and I helped out on the Alpha staff at our church as small group leaders. I never got tired of these videos, and picked up new stuff each time I watched them.  Click here to link to Alpha clips. And…  Here’s a good 3 minute clip of Nicky~! Man, I love this guy~! Literally, my heart expands when I hear him talk. He wrote a very nice letter to Brook and me, and it really made my day when I opened that envelope.

The Endorsements:

In the life-restoring ministry of Betel (described in these pages), we’re always looking for modern story tellers, writers who can demystify ancient truths to make scripture accessible to the hardest heart or most unbelieving 21st-century mind. Fortify My Life does that. It’s non-threatening, easy and relaxed, like a coffee-table book for the hungry soul, satisfying so many tastes at once. It’s a volume of personal letters, a thought-provoking journal, an inspiring devotional book, and a Bible-study guide all in one. Forty sacred stories, all but forgotten by this generation, are retold with the crisp wit and seeming intimacy of a close friend who understands the disbelief of a “Christophobic” world. Laurie asks as many honest, jargon-free questions of the Bible as she answers. She cleverly draws out the pithy essence of these timeless accounts, simultaneously provoking a curiosity to understand them deeper–and the God who stars in them. How quickly can I get copies of this book for the hundreds of broken, recovering Betel men and women who need it?

Kent & Mary Alice Martin

Directors, Betel UK


“I am delighted to hear of Laurie Hayden Bergey’s fascinating book project and wish her every success.”

Reverend Nicky Gumbel, The Alpha Program, Holy Trinity Brompton, London, UK


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