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Two More Wonderful Endorsements for My Book~!


flowers paintingI have received two more wonderful endorsements for my book, Fortify My Life~! These are both from amazing women whom I have the honor to know in my personal life. Smart compassionate women. Hard working, motivated, and very strong, but with kind hearts. I am so blessed to know these fabulous creatures. YAY~!


Motivated by her strong faith and a deep love, Laurie began to write a series of letters to dear “Dude” to entertain and encourage him as he was living through a very changing life experience.  “Dude” told me that a group of his friends would gather around to hear him read the letters he received from Laurie.  These thought-provoking letters were touching the lives of an unlikely group of people. 

I was honored to be there at the beginning to hear the first letters and am so excited to see these turned into a book that will touch many lives. Fortify My Life is a must read!!!

Patricia L. Chapman

Breeder/Owner of Smarty Jones, Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner in 2004


Thank you to Laurie Hayden Bergey for writing an empowering, challenging, life-changing book that is so necessary. From my experience as a counseling psychologist, I can tell you that Christians and non-Christians, alike, are crying out to know their place in the world, wondering why life can be so hard, and what all this heartache is for. They want to change but need help to do so.  FORTIFY MY LIFE provides the structure to work through these challenges and will leave the reader with a stronger sense of their own identity, potential and greatness.

Jennifer Crall, Ph.D. / Counseling Psychologist


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