Daily Archives: September 28, 2013

God’s Glory


Leif Hetland and Lightning“The goal of creation is to “glorify God” (see Ps 86:9, John 12:28; 17:1). God’s glory is the radiant display of the divine nature. As God’s life is poured into individuals and flows through individuals to other people, we individually and collectively “image” God…”   ~Leif Hetland, Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes

What a great quote. I get the simple concept, but this is really much bigger than it looks. I just started reading Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes last night. This quote made me pause. I’ve reread the quote about 5 times, and I’m not done yet. This is something I’ll have to chew on. I love it~! Leif Hetland blows my mind. Hearing him speak years ago set a fire in my spirit that has not gone out.

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(On another topic, if anyone knows who the photographer was for this photograph, I would love to give him/her photo credits~! Let me know~! Thanks.)