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Two Cool Book Endorsements~!


snail loopLittle by little, more endorsements are coming in. I have received two very cool book endorsements from friends of friends this week. One of these people I have met. He is very close to our pastors Trish & Jack & Matt & Clair. In my opinion, he is a very big deal~! (But he is kind and modest, so he would shrug off that statement, or maybe make a joke.) He is a leader of a whole network of churches in England. He has spoken at our church a number of times. His messages tend to be very practical and easy to apply. His take on Fortify My Life is super (see it below)…. obviously this man makes things make sense.

The second cool endorsement is from a person I have not ever met. Brook and I were having dinner with our friend Lulu. I was telling her that I am in the process of recruiting endorsements for the book. She thought for a minute, and then said, “I have a friend who might be interested in endorsing your book.” So, the three of us emailed, and I now have an endorsement from a Moody Bible Institute professor, and fellow author. Jamie and I have had such nice interactions. She seems very lovely~! I really like what she wrote about Fortify My Life~!


Fortify My Life is a creative and refreshing book. It brings three important strands together. Firstly ‘stories’. In today’s world stories are what people love to hear and what better stories than Bible stories. Secondly ‘Interaction’. This book opens doors for discussion and personal evaluation. And thirdly ‘purpose’. The interesting thread of “40” takes the reader on a journey that I believe really will ‘strengthen lives and activate destinies’! Recommended reading!

~Stuart Bell. Senior Pastor, New Life Lincoln, England and leader of the Ground Level Network of churches.


Fortify My Life is not like the Bible stories you might have heard at church. With her witty sense of humor and fresh, conversational style, Laurie Hayden Bergey will show you how God has changed the lives of people in the past and how He can change your life today.”

~  Jamie Janosz, Moody Bible Institute professor and author of When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up