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Who Will Write the Forward for Fortify My Life?


sand castleI am excited to announce who will be writing the forward for Fortify My Life~! From the time when I first realized I was writing a book, and not just a big pile of letters to “Dude”, I started to wonder about the fun details that go into completing a book: the dedication, the epigraph, the endorsements, and a REAL biggie, the forward.

Now, here I am with a publisher and a completed manuscript, and I have dreams for this creation. As long as I can dream as big as I want, I figured I would think about the very best people to write the forward, trusting God will help me complete what we started. I came up with three “dream” options in my mind. They were all equally and uniquely perfect, but one of them I really don’t know personally (though I would love to, maybe some day~!). The other 2 options felt like possibilities, but still maybe too good to come true.

But, which of these options to ask? Hmnnnn. I couldn’t decide. Somewhere along the line, I have seen a book with 2 forwards. Is that an anomaly, or does that happen often? I don’t know. But, inspired by that vague recollection, I threw chance into the air, and decided not to decide. I would ask BOTH, and see what God brings back to me. Well, I think you are already guessing. BOTH said YES~! I’m so blessed~! So? Who are they?

The first to get back to me are Trish and Jack Groblewski. To my great delight, these guys are the pastors of my home church, New Covenant Christian Communinty Church (AKA: NC4), in Bethlehem, PA. NC4 is a vibrant growing church with a diverse body. Jack and Trish are internationally apostolic, and speak on other continents on a regular basis.  I think of Pastor Jack as being a leader to leaders, a pastor to pastors. He is genius smart with mind boggling discernment. He is also crazy-funny and quotes rock-n-roll from the altar~! The messages we get at New Covenant are spiritual steak~! I am seriously spoiled to get to go to such a smart and fun church. Trish is prophetic and has a heart for healing. She is uninhibited with God, and has sparkling eyes that can’t hide her secret wild side. These two were praying for me when I received the Holy Spirit, back in 2000. Click this link to see them being interviewed by Pat Huber. The topic of the interview is Trish’s diagnosis and healing of breast cancer, 2011. Here is a link to the New Covenant messages, where you can hear them each speak in our home church setting, and you can learn more about NC4.

The other forward writer is Leif Hetland. This guy is a world changer with a worldwide ministry. He is as bold as Apostle Paul. My mouth drops when I hear about his travels to other nations. Leif is roughly our age, but Brook and I think of him as a “spiritual father” to us. He spoke at a conference at our church when we were very near a church-burn-out phase. Leif’s messages (love, healing, identity, dignity, dreams, passion) lit a fire in our souls that has continued to burn hot for 7 years now. He has prayed with us about some very important topics, and there has been a spiritual shift.  Leif on youtube –  This is a powerful video with Leif talking about being abused as a child, and then recovering from addiction, only to have an unpleasant time living as an international minister (always trying to work work work for God’s approval). THEN, the great break-through: how God filled his heart with love, and he no longer felt like God’s orphan, but His legitimate son with a power message about Father God.   Click this link to go to Leif’s “Global Mission Awareness” Website where you can buy his books, and check out his ministry and speaking schedule .

See how much God loves me~! He is spoiling me with two powerful forwards from people I can hardly believe I have the honor to know~! I haven’t seen the forwards yet. They aren’t even written yet. Oh my goodness, it feels like the anticipation of Christmas~!