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My First 2 Book Endorsements


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I got my first 2 book endorsements today. I have to confess, it was more emotional that I would have guessed. I was crying about the first one when the 2nd came in. The first one was from “Father Bill” of Caron Treatment Centers. This is a really big deal~! This man is nothing short of amazing. He is to rehab priests what Mick Jagger is to Rock-n-Roll. When I got off the phone with Father Bill, I felt full of electricity, and like I had been hanging out with a rock-star. In the Halls of Heaven, Father Bill is certainly a pillar~!

As I was all full-up from the astounding news of that endorsement. I got my second endorsement from Jonathan Welton. This guy is incredible, too. He is a spiritual seer, like he can see angels and demons, and more~! I have read his books, and seen him in TV interviews, but I also know him and have had many great conversations with him. He is funny and engaging…. full of information and resources. He gave Brook and me the best book on healing that I have ever read. Just walked up and handed it to us~! He has a powerful ministry, and keeps taking it the the next level. (GO JONATHAN~!) Click this link to go to Jonathan’s amazon.com page. He is the best selling author of School of the Seers, Eyes of Honor, and Normal Christianity.


“I am so impressed with this book. I can’t wait to get it into the hands of patients, and onto the shelves of the Caron Book Store. Laurie, keep in touch, and God bless your work.”

“Father Bill” Hultberg, OSFS , Spiritual Advisor, Caron Treatment Centers


I have excitedly awaited the release of Fortify My Life, by Laurie Hayden Bergey. Finally we have an excellent introductory book regarding the main characters of scripture, written in easy to read language and accessible to all readers. This book will be the kind that you need to buy a boxful and keep on hand for old friends and new believers. Laurie is a dear friend and someone I watched grow over the last decade, I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out this book.

Jonathan Welton, Best Selling Author, Director of The Welton Academy