Funny Tooth Fairy Notes


tooth fairy noteI have seen some really cute tooth fairy notes on facebook. Here are some of my favorites. I hope you will laugh like I did~! The first has wonderful details. I love the hearts in the top corners. It is adorable how the girl’s name and other words are divided into 2 lines. It looks like Trinity was going to be sleeping in her brother’s room and was afraid the tooth fairy would not be able to find her. My favorite part is the bottom right corner. Trinity asks the tooth fairy to “write back”. I asked her parents if the tooth fairy was faithful to correspond. Yes~! I am glad to report that she did~!

In this second note, it seems as if the tooth fairy missed a stop. I don’t remember why. I happen to know that the tooth fairy in this zip-code is amazing. She has great attention to detail, and I am in awe of her. I love that the girl’s mother put this note onto her facebook page. I’m sure her heart was breaking a bit (the inner cringe) as she encouraged Angelica to write this note. I think it shows that even the most stellar tooth fairies can have bumps in their road.  Maybe you have to know how nearly perfect this one is to fully appreciate the note…. to me she became even cooler than before I saw the note. I love when people can go public with something like this. I admire her~!

tooth fairy note

This third one has me baffled but amused. Bacon? I might have considered asking for chocolate. But, I am guessing that the money has a higher value per tooth than the price of bacon. I don’t actually know the going price for a tooth these days.

tooth fairy bacon note

Now for the funny note FROM the tooth fairy.  This mom put her sassy note on her facebook page, and thought a few friends and family would get a chuckle. She now has a fan page with over 5000 “likes. Not everyone thought it was funny. But, the room has been kept cleaner~! I like it~! I laughed~! (,

Tooth Fairy Note

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