Another Publisher Likes My Book


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A quick update on FORTIFY MY LIFE :

When I sent my book proposal to publishers, I gave my “favorite” publishing house a 1 week head start to accept or reject FORTIFY MY LIFE. One week later, I sent the manuscript to my second choice publisher, a VERY fine and reputable publishing house. I had mentioned in my last post about the book that it is typical to have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to hear back from a publisher. Well as I had also said, Destiny Image got back to me super fast, within a day of sending in the 2nd proposal. So, I started moving forward with them, looking at the contract, talking about cover design, and ultimately signing a contract. Then, on the morning of the big money day, when I was preparing to order 2000 copies of the upcoming book, the second book company wrote me a note saying they would like to publish FORTIFY MY LIFE.

I have to say, this was an exciting and confusing moment. Of course I already knew that I would be publishing with Destiny Image’s Ambient Press label. I had already signed the contract. But, a contract offer from Creation House is very precious. It was such an honor to get the “acceptance letter”. Brook and I sat at breakfast discussing how it is a shame I can’t publish with both of them~! What a fine compliment to get that note today, and bitter-sweet to send the “regrets” reply. So, there it is: I’ve had 100% positive responses from publishing houses with regards to FORTIFY MY LIFE~! I’m glad that both of these wonderful publishers have deemed this book worth publishing.  That makes my heart flutter~!

I am now waiting to find out what the production schedule looks like for FORTIFY MY LIFE. I’m guessing it won’t get printed until next March, or even later. In the meantime, I will start talking to pastors, authors, and ministry leaders about writing endorsements. This is a bit out of my comfort zone, so say a prayer for me~!

Follow this link to read more about my writing updates~!

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