To Be a Perfect Peach


Southern Peaches by Linda Hunt,

One of the great delights of summer is the abundance of perfectly fresh fruit available where I live. While shopping for groceries, I saw a peach so stunning, that I had no choice but to buy it. For breakfast, I took that plump peach and diced it up. I added cereal, walnuts, chia, and soy milk. I couldn’t wait to dig in. Chomp…… Imagine my sadness when I bit into the peach chunks and found that the peach had NO flavor at all. It was a peach mirage. A phony, an imposter. A tasteless waste. (My uncle has since taught me, “you can tell by the smell“. If the fruit doesn’t already smell like it is supposed to, the good looks and texture won’t be able to make up for the lack of flavor.)

I have encountered people like this peach. What you see is NOT what you get. It is disappointing. I try hard not to be one of these people. I think we have to be careful to be authentic. Not to create an image of ourselves that we then have to work to maintain. Self-promtion can be dangerous.  I am in the process of living this blog entry. My blog following tripled yesterday. (Welcome new friends~!) As I publish a book and write a blog, I am concerned about the lasting fruit, and creating an image I can maintain.

As Brook (my husband) and I were eating breakfast this morning, we were discussing how it really is not possible to be all things to all people all the time. Yet, I would like to be, if it were possible. If someone were telling me this is their situation, here’s how I would respond: Just be yourself~! Be Genuine. Stick to what you know, try new things, and take some risks too. Then, at the perfect time, you will find your real self in exactly the right place. Not a phony, mirage, or imposter…. but the perfect peach. So let’s all apply this fairly  simple “perfect peach principle” to the way we conduct ourselves, and make life a little bit easier for everyone.

If anyone would like to share thoughts and comments, I would love that~!

(About the painting: Peach Still Life by Linda Hunt can be found for sale on ETSY. Follow this link. I love the heavy brush strokes and color combination. A perfect peach~! Thanks Linda for your stunning paintings. You color the world beautiful~!)

Bonus Bible study link: Jesus and the fig tree. Matthew 21: 18-22


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