Feeling Stronger? …core strengthening exercises


Well, I have done some of the core strengthening exercises since my last post.  

I have to confess that I haven’t figured out how to fit them into my daily routine yet. So, mostly I forget to do them. As a result, I’m not feeling stronger just yet. I am not opposed to the 5-15 minute commitment it would take to have a stronger mid-section. I just plain forget to do my simple exercises. So, rather than feeling stronger, I’m feeling stupid~!  How hard is it to remember this?  Actually, that is a bit of a joke. I’m not beating myself up here.  But, I do need to figure this out.

Anyway, when I did do a few rather simple exercises, I was amazed to get the sore muscles. That let me know 2 things. 1- My middle definitely needed some help. 2- The exercises are working~! So, that is good news.  Today I did remember to stretch… with dogs jumping on me… a mixed blessing. Later on my husband and I will go for a long bike ride. So by tonight, I should be feeling strong, and tired.

Maybe a theme song? Would “Gonna Fly Now” be a cliche? Hmmnn…. probably….. I actually went on youtube and searched “exercise music” and got 82,000 results~!  That’s funny.


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