“POOP” Happens~! Our Newsletter TYPO~!


“POOP” Happens~!

Our Newsletter TYPO~!

Well, I sent out our Spring newsletter for our business today. I worked on it for a few hours. I love bright pretty colors. So, I made all the colors look like the azaleas that are blooming crazy all over Pennsylvania this week. I emailed a copy of the newsletter to myself TWICE, checking all the links, and making corrections. Well, POOP HAPPENS.  I found out how missing just ONE letter can change a whole newsletter~! I found that out AFTER I had sent it out to everyone. In the 3rd sentence…. right there in most plain view, I misspelled “popped”. So, now we have a new family joke: If you’d like to poop in our shop, please use the toilet~! (DULP~!)

So, what are my choices at this point?  Well, of course I can get upset, but that doesn’t help me, and in fact in hurts me. That internal cringe hurts my heart and other organs. I decided instead to draw even more attention to the mistake. I tweeted it, I facebooked it, and my buddy Dan thought it would be perfect material for an “inspirational blog”. If I don’t laugh, I just might die crying. HEY FOLKS…. tell me your stories~!  What did YOU do that made you look THAT stupid? Share your “stupid story” right here~!

Here is a link to what may become or most memorable newsletter, click the banner below:


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