My Terrifying Project~! Getting Organized


Oh Dear…. I have decided to get organized, and it feels like I have opened a can of worms.  I may be making a mistake. I am adding a shelving system to my studio closet.  I was thinking I have a lot of wasted space. Now I am wondering if I am making room to collect even more stuff~! This will require some discipline, I see. The temptation is to just put the boxes of random stuff back on the shelves. But, I really need to force myself to open all of the boxes and get rid of a few things.. to Good Will or Salvation Army…. and maybe sell a few things on Craig’s List or Ebay. Some things should go into recycling & the trash, too.  OH BUT…. the problem with being a creative person….  I could use that trash to make….. X & Y & Z~!  I have started to feel encumbered by the weight of my stuff, and I know cleaning out will feel good… it is just so TERRIFYING. I know I’m not actually making a mistake. I just have some work ahead of me before I’ll feel the benefits of this endeavor. I’ll try to remember to come back with an update, and maybe even some photos of my new closet.  But, what I can post now is the website I found:  I was pleased to be able to add just shelves (no baskets or drawers yet) for a rate that was quite reasonable, considering it is going to be custom made, and I have to install it myself.

(It is 18 months later. I am still quite pleased with the investment I made. I would recommend



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