Plastic Storage Bins Add Happiness


I have always hated the idea of plastic storage bins…. until recently.  My main objection is that I keep shoe boxes, which come free with every pair of shoes I buy.  I have tended to use these to store all kinds of things. They are practical, and the price is great, but I can’t tell which box is which, the boxes aren’t very cool looking,  and they are all different sizes, so they stack & store inefficiently. Recently, I read something about making small reasonable investments in my own happiness.  I also read that being organized in a practical way can add to my happiness.  So today, I went out and bought 10 clear tubs.  The funny thing is that they were $2.97 each, so I really didn’t spend very much money. I think I will get a lot of aesthetic organization for such a small price.  I am please with my “happiness” investment. Tomorrow I have a project to get them into use.


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